Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blog Tour Update & Ebook Giveaway!

We're right in the middle of Ring Around the Rosie's blog tour and I'm so thrilled with all the great reviews the book has gotten so far!

Debra Erfert said, among other things, it was "an exciting, action-packed journey written by a talented storyteller."  You can read the rest of the review here.

Marsha Ward featured me on her Fresh Book Friday and I was so glad she did! You can visit her blog here to learn more about her western novels.

Getting Your Read On started their review like this, "Being a reviewer sort of has its ups and downs. Sometimes you read books you don't love and it's really hard to get through them. But most days it's the most awesome job ever." I was shaking in my boots to read the rest of the review, wondering if my book was one that was hard to get through or not.  You'll have to click here to see what it said!

Literary Time Out talked about Sarah's quirks and how they identified with Ron.  They called it an "enjoyable ride." You can see what they thought of the bad guy and second chances by clicking here.

Jordan McCollum said that Ring Around the Rosie was "a fantastic capstone" to the Hostage Negotiation series.  You can visit her blog here.  (And if you've never been to her blog you are missing out! She has awesome helps for writers that are must reads!)

I am so grateful to everyone who has reviewed the book and entered the giveaway. You still have a chance to win the $30 Amazon gift card, the Booklovers basket, or a four book set of the Hostage Negotiation series.  Click here if you want to enter to win those prizes!

Easy Chance to Win a Free Ebook of Ring Around the Rosie!

Linda Weaver Clarke interviewed me for the blog tour and I got to talk about my inspiration for the Hostage Negotiation series. She's offering a prize of an ecopy of Ring Around the Rosie and all you have to do is comment on her blog to be entered! Click here to go comment!


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