Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Overdue Book Baby

photo credit: Jason L. Parks via photopin cc

I've never been a particularly patient person.  I hate waiting rooms.  I specifically make doctor and dental appointments at times when there isn't generally a wait.  When I was expecting babies, I found out what the gender was because I couldn't wait.  (All of my children obliged my impatience as well and arrived early. I loved that.)  My husband can't even put presents under the Christmas tree for me because I can't wait and am very, very tempted to peek.

I know it's all about self-control and learning how to be patient.  I am regularly given opportunities to stretch my patience.  But it's hard.

And I've been waiting for my new book baby, Ring Around the Rosie, to be born and it's killing me that we're overdue!  The glitches for this book have seemed never-ending and just when I think we're on the smooth road to delivery, another one comes up.  It's SO HARD to wait.  Especially when I want to share it with you all so badly.

But here I sit.  Waiting.

I hope you're waiting as anxiously as I am because I think this is absolutely one of my very best books.  And as soon as I have ANY delivery news, I'll announce it here first.  (Or on my Facebook fan page. Are you on that one?)

*taps fingers on desk*

Waiting . . . . it's the worst.  But hopefully worth it when I see it in my hands (or on my Kindle) right?

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Debra Erfert said...

Oh, waiting is so very, very hard. I know, I've been waiting on your book for a long time! Congratulations on its delivery!