Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Emotional Day

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Today was a bit of an emotional day for me.  My son's fiancee got her bridal pictures done and invited me to come and see it. I wish I could post a picture, just so you could see how beautiful she is.  But as I stood there and watched her laugh and talk and kiss my son, I was so overwhelmed.  Just seeing how in love they are and how sweet they are with each other brought tears to my eyes.  I know, I'm a sentimental mom, but it just touched my heart.

I love seeing people in love.  I love being in love.  I love when my children are loved and love others. There's just something about love.  I even love writing about it.  As human beings love is something we crave, need, and thrive on.  I think that's why romance is the highest selling genre in books.  Those butterfly feelings that turn into something solid and real is hard to resist.  And real love is something to be treasured.

So, as I was wiping away the tears today I was grateful for love in my life and in the life of my son.  And I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to see it, and feel it, and share it.

Okay, I need a group hug.  *hugs*

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Debra Erfert said...


I know what you were feeling while watching them being photographed. When my son and (then) fiancee were being led around to all the exquisite spots on the Salt Lake City Temple grounds to be photographed, I watched them interact with each other. The love they have showed through in each movement, in each glance--in each orchestrated embrace they shared. I am so grateful that I was there to witness that event, and the sealing, done in both English and Spanish (for her Paraguayan mother).