Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School--Mom Footloose Parody

Well, as you all know, last week was a horrible week for me and I didn't get a lot done.  Which is a problem since today was the first day of school for my kids.  I bet you can imagine me trying to get all the back to school clothes shopping done in one day and topping it off with school supply shopping and trying to get my house in some semblance of order.  Then trying to get all my little people where they needed to be.

Yeah, it's been a busy day.

I did see this video on Facebook, however, and it made me laugh, so that's what I'm sharing with you today.

I hope you had a great Monday and that you laughed at least once.  :)

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Melanie Valderrama said...

I'm so sorry about last week and all you went through. I hope things are calming down for you. This video is great! There's a whole series with her and some of the other women in the video. They're called Pretty Darn Funny and they have six episodes from last year (and they did a Jane Austen rap) and this parody and their first new episode are up now. If you need a laugh, you might want to check it out!