Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Review: Be Mine

I apologize for the late posting.  Mondays are the great and terrible day for me now.  Great because I get to hear from my missionary son, terrible because it's hard for me to wait for that email and I can't really concentrate or do anything else until I get that email.

Today I want to tell you about the book Be Mine by Sandra Flynn Norton.  It's a suspense, with a crazy stalker, and frankly, it reminded me a lot of Michaelbrent Collings book,  Blood Relations.  The plots are very similar with the stalker theme and the twists at the end.  And they are both enjoyable books.

Be Mine introduces us to a fashion designer named Erin Lewis.  She has a practically perfect life, a great job, an incredible marriage, everything is going her way.  Until she starts to feel like she's being watched and the great things in her life disappear one by one.  I bet you can guess where that leads.

There are two points of view in the story, Erin and the stalker.  I enjoyed Erin's POV, and liked how layered her character was.  Sometimes her dialogue was a bit stilted, but overall she was a great character and very relatable.  The stalker's POV seemed cliched at times and a bit predictable, but most stalker stories have that issue.  I thought the author did well at hitting all the tension and suspense beats and I was pulled into the story because of that.  There was a twist at the end that surprised me and left me unsettled because of the way the story had been written, but I don't think that's a bad thing.  I would definitely read another book by this author because of her talent at suspense.

Here's the back copy:

He knows where she works.

He knows where she lives.

And soon, they’ll come face-to-face.

Erin Lewis is an up-and-coming fashion designer building up her career in New York City. With a loving husband, a great assistant, and working in the field of her dreams, she couldn’t be happier.

But perfection can’t last forever.

When a long string of tragedies shakes Erin to her core, she doesn’t know how to keep moving forward day by day. And when she is targeted by a brutal serial killer, she must find the inner strength she never knew she had just to survive.


Debra Erfert said...

These kinds of stories may be thrilling, but they are very difficult for me to read. Consequently, I avoid them. Sorry.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I completely understand! :)