Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are You a To-Do List Person?

I am a fan of to-do lists.  I like seeing the little checks next to them because it makes me feel like I've accomplished something.  Since I've been trying to motivate myself to write five pages a day this summer, this is what my to-do list has looked like.

  • Look at my outline to see what's coming up in the scene.

  • Take kids to swimming lessons

  • Jot down scene notes and dialogue bits while watching kids swim

  • Help kids change out of swimsuits

  • Run to computer

  • Write the scene I imagined while at the pool

And hopefully it all ends up at about five pages.  So far, it's been kind of working.  I always get checks for taking the kids to swim lessons and helping kids change out of swimsuits.

Are you a check list kind of person?


rebecca h jamison said...

I love checklists. I've been taking my laptop to the pool during lessons. Sometimes that's all the writing I've done for the day. I'm doing better this week at squeezing more in because I set a goal to get 25 pages edited or written this week.

By the way, have you seen the sexy pool party with Nathan Fillion? (I swear it's not dirty):


Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Rebecca that was hilarious! I had to share it on Facebook. I just love Nathan Fillion. I'll never look at the pool the same way again. LOL

Jon Spell said...

I like to do lists - that's about the only way I get my work done. As for writing.... maybe that's why I have so much trouble! (Or maybe it's two other things that take up all my energy.)

I have just completed my oh-so-rough outline for the last part of my book, so I can theoretically start writing again. Back in the saddle!

FYI, the results of my brainstorming is that a siege of a militia compound is too easy. How about a direct assault on a US mint, though? Ka-ching $$$$$

Debra Erfert said...

I do lists. If I don't, then I will forget something, it's inevitable. About the only thing I don't put on a list is getting dressed. That's pretty much a given.