Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Castle and Hawaii Five-O--Now THAT'S What I'm Talking 'Bout

Holy macaroni, where do I even start with last night's shows?

Castle was awesome.  It was tense and even though we were beating the dead mother storyline again (isn't that horse dead yet?) Stana Katic blew me out of the water with her acting skills.  The moment where she's trying to decide whether to suppress that evidence, or where she knows she's let a man go who could potentially hurt innocent people, even the interrogation room scene, it was all amazing.  Katic says everything with her facial expressions.  It is truly amazing to watch.

Castle was no slouch either.  His little comment that he wouldn't have stopped what happened was a tiny bit chilling, considering how Castle's character usually is so laidback.  But it also tells me the depth of what he feels for Beckett and what she's gone through because of Bracken.  It was a really well-acted episode.

The best thing was how the writers kept the tension high throughout the entire hour.  The set-up, the scenes with Bracken, the guilt at what Beckett's done, it was all incredible.  Loved it.

Hawaii Five-O was kickin' it old school with an homage to the original series and rehashing an old script that's been updated a bit.  Robocop was creepy from the get-go, walking through the cemetery and putting together his sniper rifle.  With some of the recent headlines, it made it all the more creepy.  I liked how the fab four worked together and how in the end, the sniper died by a sniper.  Danno and Steve had some cute banter moments (I do not worry about losing you during a gun battle, haha!), but the cargument was my favorite.  (On the well-paved roads of Honolulu, I am definitely the better driver.)

Then at the end, the writers went all Star Wars and had the dead cops who were like his "uncles" and his father appear to Steve, all happy and proud.  Strange and awkward, but I couldn't turn away.

All in all, a wonderful night of television.

What did you do last night?  Did you catch any good TV?


Melanie Goldmund said...

I watched episode 6 of Ripper Street last night, a gritty historical crime series set in Whitechapel, London, just after the Jack the Ripper murders. It's jokingly called CSI: Whitechapel. I love the three main characters.

I also watch Arrow, just for fun. Colin Salmon -- mm mm! Too bad his character has disappeared recently. But the guy who plays the main character, Oliver Queen, what's his name, Stephen Amell, isn't too bad, either.

No more Fringe, but at least they went out on a high. The last two episodes were a good wrap-up to the show, a mostly happy ending with a bittersweet note to keep it from being too sickly sweet.

Debra Allen Erfert said...

CBS really should change Castle to another night. *sighs* Glad you enjoyed it! I'm sure I will too--in reruns.

Debra Allen Erfert said...
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Jon Spell said...

Castle was awesome. Kate's hair in the scene where she's first alone with Bracken, oh, so gorgeous. Le sigh, indeed.

Castle himself had his moments, but come on, support your lady. If it seems like she guessed wrong, suggest more angles. Sheesh.

Voice message from initial victim says someone's following me. If so, how did she get the plate number? And then, why is the killer flicking his Zippo after she falls? It's a continuity problem.

It's a little odd that a Senator would go to the NYPD for security help (Isn't that kind of a Secret Service sort of job?) Once explosives are involved, wouldn't Homeland come in? And is the lieutenant dumb enough to not catch on to the "fake" he killed my mother line? And what DID happen to crazy-man's son? And why did the driver pick THAT moment to blow up the car?

Finally, (sigh) when will Kate have a reason to need the senator's favor? Probably to save Castle's life.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Melanie, those sound good!

Debra, how can you miss Castle? Do you watch H50 first or something?

Jon, oddly I didn't notice Kate's hair. Castle did seem more subdued, but I kind of liked that. He's seen her get sucked in when her mom's case comes up and he's been all over it to protect her, but this time he seemed much more inclined to let her take the lead and sort it out. I liked that. Yet he was still protective and there for her when he needed to be. *le sigh*

As for the quibbles, I got that the zippo flipping was a nervous habit and that's why you can hear it being flipped all the time. And maybe she recognized the driver's license plate because she was following him, then he turned around and shot her? I don't know on that one. I agree with you on the secret service thing, but maybe he's an unimportant senator? *snicker* As to the rest, I agree with you---there are a few quibbles to be quibbled with. :)

Jon Spell said...

Oh, but wait! I have quibbles about H50 too! I thought it was a more fun than usual episode, despite the melancholy subject matter. There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, including the ones you pointed out (that I've now read) and the opening credits done like the old series.

My first quibble is that he planned out the first two executions with some really awesome planning and foresight. And then, what happened? He sets up shop in a room that he happens to have intruded during the really short time he's there, and then has this poor getaway plan?

(Danny was really annoying in the gun shop. If you're going to heckle someone, don't annoy a gun shop owner you fool!)

Kono's explanation about the shell casing was completely unbelievable. This is the first time I've ever seen a long-range sniper gun that was semi-automatic. They're almost always bolt-action - he's taking like 3 shots at a time with the thing. (See, that sounds like an assault rifle.)

Worst one, though: Steve walks over to the body, pulls out the magazine, takes off the top cartridge and it has his name on it. Robocop has already fired a dozen shots and the next bullet he would have fired has Steve's name on it? Or did he actually engrave MCGARRETT on ALL the cartridges in his magazine? (Would have been better if he'd found the cartridge from the first shot rolling in the street.)

Is there a Hollywood job for someone who notices inconsistencies like this? =)