Monday, October 3, 2011

What Do Your Friends Mean to You?

I got to have lunch today with a writer friend and can I just say, that is one of the few joys in life that a writer has. There is something so wonderful about sitting down with another person who thinks about plot and characters, marketing and booksignings, and everything else that normal people probably don’t think about. It’s energizing. I came home feeling completely motivated to write something.

I think it can be that way with any friend, really. Isn’t it nice to just be able to chat with someone you have something in common with? It seems to soothe the soul and helps us feel like we’re not alone in this world. I think we all need that.

Sometimes life is hard and choosing writing as a career is made a bit harder because it is full of rejections and critiques and wondering if you’re ever good enough. That’s why I treasure my writing friends, who can buoy me up during the down times and celebrate with me during the good. I also treasure my non-writing friends who know what it’s like to be me and love me even with all my quirks.

So, today, I am feeling grateful for friends. For people who reach out and try to share a bit of themselves with others. If you are my friend, thank you for being there for me. If you are new, please know that I’m excited to get to know you better. I love having friends, and even though I’m a bit on the shy side, I know I’m a good friend to have.

Do you have friends you are specifically grateful for? What do your friends mean to you?


Debra Erfert said...

It's wonderful finding out I have writing in common with someone I've know for a very long time, and I try my best to encourage them. Our niece read my last manuscript, and she and her husband came by for a face-to-face visit, (they live in the Bahamas) and I found out she would really love to write an autobiography. I never knew that she was interested in writing at all--until last week. We talked on a different level than before, one where my husband's eyes rolled back in his head, but it was terrific anyway. I don't have anybody here in Yuma who writes, and I feel very isolated from the writing community. The only contact I get is through the internet and that once or twice a year conference I get to attend. Still, that shyness disability gets in the way of any deep conversations. It's much easier "talking" through emails and comments. I've been writing for at least 5 years now, maybe closer to 7, and still I have friends who don't know I like to write and are surprised when I tell them I've written 5 books.

Sarah Pearson said...

My ex got custody of my closest friend when we split up and I find it very difficult to talk to new people face to face. That's why I'm so glad to have found the writing community here :-)

Stephanie Black said...

Julie, I'm very grateful to have you as a friend! When I started yearning, years ago, to be an author, I had absolutely no idea that one of the greatest blessings of pursuing that path would be the incredible people I've had the privilege of meeting.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Deb, I'm surprised you've written five books! That's awesome!

Sarah, I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but I'm so happy to know you!

Stephanie, thank you and I completely agree! Where would I be today without the Six LDS Writers? :)