Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Word Count Wednesday

Before I report in for Word Count Wednesday, I wanted to ask you all a question. I downloaded a book that was being offered for free on Kindle. You know, who can pass up something for free, right? And the back copy looked good, so it seemed a win/win all around. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The typos were glaring and the story just dragged and dragged until I wanted to poke my eyes out with a spork. I did get to the point where I wanted to stop reading, (and I should have) but I kept thinking it was going to get better since there was so much potential. Sadly, for me, it just didn’t ever gain traction.

So, here’s my question. Any of you out there who do the free book thing on Kindle, are most free books like that? Have you found that the reason they’re probably free is that they’re not that good? Is it a matter of, you get what you pay for? I’m really curious about this and what others’ experience has been.

As for Word Count Wednesday, mine was low again this week. Only 457. But I’m still taking the advice from last week and counting it a success. Babysteps, right? Every step is one step closer to those magical words, “The End.”

So how did you do this week?


Melanie Goldmund said...

I only have a Kindle app for PC, not a true Kindle, and I haven't been able to get anything for free because I live in Germany. Apparently all those free and reduced price offers are only available for people who physically live in the United States. Not to mention the fact that if I do want to buy something from the Kindle store, I have to pay VAT on it, too, even though I can buy a real book at no extra charge. What the SMEG?

I discovered this on an online forum where the delightful ladies who worship Richard Armitage eagerly announced that you could get Kindle editoions of some Georgette Heyer novels either for free or for 99 cents (can't remember now which it was.) Nobody complained about typos or anything else, leading me to believe that on occasion, you can find some real deals on quality literature. Apparently, there are also websites out there which show you the weekly deals on Kindle and if you comb them carefully, you might find a real gem for an affordable price. But in general, I think these are few and far between, and more often, you will get what you pay for.

And I haven't done very well in the writing department, either, unless you count a two-page letter to my mother, and the preparation for the lesson I have to give on Sunday. Inspiration is just not dragging me along by my hair at the moment.

Crystal said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a kindle, so I couldn't help you much there. I will say, though, that with regard to other purchases I've made, it really is a case of "you get what you pay for" more often than not.

457 words is definitely something to celebrate - because it IS something! Good job! :-)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Melanie, thanks for the tip! I'll look into that. And I'm glad I'm not the only one in the hair-pulling stage. :)

Crystal, thanks! I always feel a little bad if I don't at least get a thousand, but you're right, it IS something! :)

Michael Offutt said...

I've downloaded some free books but haven't gotten to them yet. Not every book I read is good. I'm whittling on the to be read pile quite often.

Debra Erfert said...

I didn't check the word count, but after failing miserably for the past three weeks to write a simple 2 page summary for my romance, I changed how I was looking at writing it. It went from the bullet-pointed synopsis type of review, to an soft essence of the story without almost any detail. Weirdly enough, it came together easily in only a few short hours. I only had my husband to critique it for content and structure. I cringed when I asked him to do it for me, (he's very harsh) but it worked out for the better. He only added a few commas and a couple of words, otherwise he thought it was a good summary. I could have died when he said that.

I have a new WIP, but haven't really started on the first chapter yet. I'm still doing the research on skydiving. (Opening scene) Hopefully I won't actually have to participate in that activity to write about it. lol. I do have friends who've jump recently.

I'm sorry I'll miss your First Chapter Friday this week, oh, heck, for the next one, too. We're going on a cruise to Alaska. Whoohoot! All my writing will be done by longhand in a notebook when I have snatches of time between activities and such.

I'll miss you. *sniffs* This is when I wished I had a real Kindle and not just a Kindle app for my Mac.

Debra Erfert said...

Oh, I guess that's two different new projects. I forgot about the other one. This new one is for a competition for Avon books and will be judged by Debbie Macomber. The winning short story, (between 20K and 25K words) will be published in the back of her newest book being released, and will get national recognition plus a little money, like 500 bucks. If mine doesn't make the cut, then I'll turn it into a full-lenght romance and market it elsewhere. Deadline is September 30, 2011 for all those interested.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Michael, that's a good point. No matter the price, not every book is good. I need to keep that in mind I suppose.

Debra, I'm so happy about your summary! Good for you. But I am going to miss you! What will I do without all your insightful comments? *sniff* Have some fun for me, though, and I hope your inspiration is flowing and you write an entire notebook full in between the fun. :)

jodi said...

I've downloaded free books on my Kindle with mixed success. A few gems, others, not so much. Sometimes the reviews help. I just bought your new book. I can't wait to read it.

Primarymary said...

I have found a large number of typos, and formatting problems in a few Kindle books I've paid full price for. I haven't read any of the free books kindle offers yet, I have too many books in my Too be read file and pile still to add more, not that that will stop me.

Raquel Byrnes said...

Welcome to the campaign. I look forward to getting to know you throughout the challenges. :)
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