Friday, April 5, 2019

One Of My Favorite Couples Is Returning To Television!

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Now, don't judge me, but back in the day, I never missed an episode of JAG. I loved that show! Harm and Mac were one of the couples that I really shipped, and wanted to see get their happily-ever-after. If you watched the show, you know the series ended with Harm and Mac finally together, but flipping a coin to see who would stay in the military and who would leave. We were all left hanging and I was SO disappointed that the series ended so open-ended after we'd waited for so long!

But, I just found out that Harm will be making some guest appearances on NCIS and rumor has it that Mac will be there as well! We can finally get some closure! I really can't wait. Though I haven't watched NCIS before, I'm definitely going to tune in for them! (Here's the article about it. Woohoo!)

Do you have a couple you shipped that you always wished had a happy ending?

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