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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review: Grace's Accident

We start out with previouslies of Grace Williams growing up on the show. I love that it's the original actress that's been there from the beginning.

Then we move to a sleeping Danny. It's 3:13 a.m. and someone is knocking on his door. It's Rachel. Grace went to a party and missed curfew by two hours and isn't answering her phone. Danny is calm, he's going to put out a BOLO on the car and a trace on the phone. (If only my husband was in law enforcement and could do that when I was worried!) Danny asks for the plates, but Stan bought her a car, so it only has temp plates. Danny is surprised. (Oh, Rachel.) They drive out to the middle of nowhere and find cop cars and an ambulance. Rachel is screaming, running toward the ambulance that is driving away and Danny is asking the cop is that my daughter in there? How bad is it? (SO SAD! Awesome acting all around.) (Honestly, I'm the mom that always thinks my kid is in a ditch if they're late for curfew and the show is playing my nightmare right in front of me!)

Steve comes out of the elevator and hugs Danny and Rachel. Danny tells him Grace is in critical condition. There was another kid in car, a new girl in Grace's class named Katie, who is pretty bad off too. Katie's dad approaches, dazed, reciting his daughter's injuries and getting upset, saying Grace must have been driving like a lunatic, and wondering if cop dad taught her to drive or bailed when Grace drives home drunk from a party. Steve tells him this isn't the time or the place, but Katie's dad isn't letting this go. Steve pushes him back, away from Danny, and the cops take him away. (We are left hanging, too, because we never see or hear from him again or anything about Katie.) Duke approaches Steve to let him know that HPD is opening an investigation since Grace was going double the speed limit. They also ordered a tox screen. Steve is stunned. Something's wrong here. That isn't Grace!

Danny is pacing in the waiting room, saying that Grace is not responsible for that accident. Rachel is trying to reassure him, reminding him that Steve promised to find out exactly what happened. The doctor comes in to say that the good news is there isn't any damage to Grace's internal organs. The bad news is she has a depressed skull fracture that needs to be operated on. It could be a while so they gave Danny and Rachel a pager that will go off when there's an update. Danny is still understandably wound up. Rachel asks him if he wants to talk about Stan's gift car, since he's mad about it. Danny doesn't want to talk about it, says he's not mad, she should have told him, she didn't, he forgives her and will print it out and notarize it. (Yeah. He was not nice at all.)

Cut to Tani knocking on Koa's door and he doesn't want to open it because when he does, we can see he's been beaten. Tani gets it out of him that he was looking for an addict that he's been counseling named Alana, because she missed her check in last night. Her ex-boyfriend didn't like him asking questions and was mad that Koa didn't let him see his ex while she was in rehab, so he beat him up. He tells Tani he can handle it, but it looked like the ex knew something he wasn't telling. Tani says she'll go talk to him and Koa asks if she'll "talk" to him like she did Kenny Hong because Kenny's shoulder still bothers him. Tani says she'll keep it professional, but the next scene is of her knocking the guy out of his chair in the middle of a restaurant and then kicking him in the chest saying she needs answers to the questions her brother was asking. After she steps on his hand and shoves the guy's face into a plate, (Um what? How is that professional? So unnecessary and over the top. Oy.)  he finally says that Alana came over to make amends, but then she left. Tani leaves and calls Koa. He's going to help her go through cell phone records and see who else Alana called.

Danny is talking to Steve on the phone, telling him that there's no news, except that the tox screen came back negative. Junior walks Steve and Lou through the accident scene. Grace missed the turn going eighty miles an hour, which makes no sense since she was sober. Steve sees skid marks and swerve marks that aren't Grace's and there's fresh oil in two spots, so someone else was on the scene. The only reason they would have left is if they caused the accident, so Steve is going to get CSU up there because this is now a crime scene. (Well, with all those HPD officers standing around, what are they doing? Why does Steve have to call CSU in? Poor incompetent HPD.)

Kame and Flippa bring in food, but Rachel doesn't have much of appetite. Danny says she should eat something and I loved that he was concerned. Charlie comes in for a minute, but then goes to hang out with Noelani to eat ice cream and make a Lego fire station (because MEs have nothing better to do than to babysit.) Danny had Noelani bring a bag for Rachel with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and his favorite sweatshirt of his that she liked. (SO SWEET.) Steve calls and tells Danny to go to the visitor's lounge because Grace received a threatening text before the crash and the kid who sent it, Nathan Cowell, is there! Danny finds him and gives him five seconds to tell him why he sent that to Grace.

Next we see Lou and Steve at a girl named Camryn's house, asking her about the threatening text. She says she didn't send it and her dad is sure she's not a liar. Besides, she dropped her phone in the pool last night. But Lou fills dad in that actually, Grace found Camryn showing everyone an intimate photo of new girl Katie that only Katie's boyfriend was supposed to see. Poor Katie was crying and humiliated, had already suffered being bullied and had to change schools, but Camryn doesn't care and isn't sorry since Katie brought it on herself. (This actress is so good at playing a mean girl!) So Grace took Camryn's phone and dropped it in a glass of beer. Camryn was ticked about it and sent the threatening text to Grace using Nathan's phone. But Camryn does say that Grace and Katie left before midnight. So if the accident happened at two in the morning (how did they know that by the way?) what did they do for two hours? They're going to check out the late night food joints. Oh, and Junior calls in to say that the skid marks and oil don't match Camryn's car and the oil is high zinc for older engines.

Rachel and Danny are in the cafeteria staring at the pager, wondering if it has batteries or if no news is good news. They start to reminisce about when Grace was born and Danny didn't want to leave the hospital and that he even tracked down doctor to make sure it was safe. He finally admits that he locked the keys in the car and was stalling until AAA got there. They laugh about it and how Danny made the nurse show him how to swaddle ten times and she thought he was a total moron. (I love their history. And it's interesting that Danny confesses his own little lie to Rachel.) Then the pager goes off and they run out. There's been a complication. Grace has a hemorrhage and the team is doing everything they can, but she's still in surgery. Back to waiting.

Adam is on the phone with Tani, updating her that Alana wasn't home and no one knows where she is. Koa and Tani are headed to Kelsey's house while Koa woodenly tells Alana's story of being difficult and resisting counseling, but she was his first real success story. (Sometimes the Koa actor is so good and other times he's just reciting lines, you know?) He mentions that Alana wanted to get her friend Kelsey into rehab, too, since they were both oxy addicts, but when they get to Kelsey's house, they find both women dead on the couch, with needles sticking out of their arms. Koa is really upset, but Tani assures him it's not his fault. Adam shows up and says HPD determined there were no signs of foul play, it was just a bad batch of black tar heroin. Koa doesn't believe that because Alana was afraid of needles so he destroys the crime scene by rummaging through the house looking for a stash. He finds a bunch of pill bottles in the toilet and they decide that since the same doctor prescribed them all, maybe this is a pill mill, prescriptions for cash, so when Alana was going to turn the doctor in, he took her out. (Again, the HPD looks bad declaring this was a simple overdose case. Poor incompetent HPD.)

Junior gets footage of Grace and Katie at Zippy's, and some guy trying to talk to them. They aren't interested, but the guy is creepy and follows them when they leave. And from parking lot footage they can see he's driving a classic car with an oil leak! They run his plates and Lou and Steve head to his house. The car is up for sale, so Steve asks the kid to take him for a test drive. He agrees and Steve peels out. He's driving really fast and tells the kid the car has an oil leak that he should have gotten fixed because they found a bunch of specialty oil at a crime scene last night. The kid looks guilty. Steve goes on to say they have him on camera harassing two underage girls who ended up in a ditch twenty minutes later. Now the kid looks nervous and says, "Are you a cop?" And Steve replies. "Yeah I'm a cop and worse for you I'm an uncle of one of those girls you put in ICU." (Awwww!) The kid starts spilling that they talked at Zippy's that's it, but Steve calls him out. The kid was mad the girls didn't want to talk to him, so he followed them, ran them off the road and fled the scene, leaving the girls in a ditch to die. Steve swerves and the kid hits his head on the window since he's not wearing a seat belt. The kid goes with the "you can't prove anything" spiel, which Steve agrees with, but he does mention that he can slam on his brakes and the kid's head will bust open on the dashboard or he could go through the windshield. At that, the kid gives it up. He was just trying to scare them and they sped up, so he sped up and he thought they were dead. Steve is stoic and tells the kid they weren't dead, but were bleeding in a ditch for over an hour before anyone found them. Next scene is the kid being put into a police car. Steve is watching, looking intense, and Lou reminds him there will probably be jail time. Steve tells him that it won't make a difference if Grace doesn't pull through. (So sad!)

Danny sees Rachel in the waiting room on a laptop. He joins her and apologizes for overreacting about the car and being mean. She says she should have said something and been more honest with him about a lot of things. She knew she wasn't happy with Stan back in Jersey, but didn't want to put Grace through another divorce, so they moved to Hawaii and now here they are. Danny is so tender, putting his hand on her knee to reassure her, telling her not to do that, it would be the same whether they're in Jersey or Hawaii. It's a really sweet scene between them. He asks what she was watching and it was a surprise graduation video. Danny moves to sit next to her and kisses her temple and then they watch it together. There are some really great pics of Grace from her birth through young womanhood. Several of her with Steve, too. (Awww, sniffle.) Rachel returns his kiss on the temple. (I love how emotionally intimate this scene is between them!)

Tani is undercover as Amy Holmes going to see the doctor for a prescription. Adam is outside running the op. She gets in with the money to pay, but a security guard comes in before the doctor can write the prescription and said a patient outside recognized her as a cop. She denies being a cop, but they don't believe her and aren't going to let her go. Adam rushes in, but before he gets to the room, Tani grabs the gun and holds the guard and doctor at gunpoint. They take the doc to the Blue Room of Doom and question him about Kelsey and Alana's murder. They pulled his phone records and know that Kelsey called him an hour before her death. Since her house was full of drugs, it wasn't for that. He admits that Kelsey called him in a panic because Alana was going to go to the cops to tip them off about the clinic and cut off Kelsey's drug supply. The doctor called his handlers from a drug cartel, knowing they would kill both girls. He claimed he didn't want to do it, but he's been prescribing oxy for years, so that's a lie. Adam gives him the Noshimuri Head Shake of Disapproval.

Danny is sitting on the floor of a hallway, all alone before Steve joins him. He thanks Steve for finding the guy and Steve says that these kids are taking after their old man, standing up to bullies and speaking up for the little guy. Danny says they get that more from Steve than him and that Rachel made a grad video for Grace and Steve's in more shots than Danny. Steve teases him a little bit saying he would love to see it, maybe have a grad party at his house, get a big screen and show it to all the neighbors. Haha. Rachel appears. Grace is out of surgery and she's okay. Huge sighs of relief and hugs all around. Cut to a scene in Grace's room where she's wearing the saddest attempt at a head bandage that I've ever seen while staring vacantly up at Danny and Rachel. Oddly, she also has her earrings still in after her brain surgery. At least she was all accessorized I guess!

Back at home a week later, Grace has experienced a miracle! Her bruises are all but gone and she's looking pretty normal for having had brain surgery. There's a welcome home party and everyone is there. Lou assures her Will will be by to see her tomorrow and everyone is hugging her. She thanks Steve and Lou for finding the guy and Steve tells her that even though she's grown up and independent they are still there for her. They all go eat Flippa and Kame's food and Steve tells Tani that they got two more pill mills connected to the cartel. She says she couldn't have done it without Koa and he's all pshaw, she just wants me to be included in this weird family. (Please, please, do not add Koa to the task force.)

Danny brings Rachel a ziti and sits with her outside. Steve watches them together for a moment with a knowing smile. It is so sweet! Rachel says the ziti reminds her of their first date since Danny made that for her. They're both happy and smiling and she asks Danny to share it with her. (It is adorable! I love that they've been through so much and are in such a good place. *le sigh*)

Overall a good episode with some really great emotional moments. Did you watch? What did you think?

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