Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Festival of Trees Was Amazing!

My daughter got to perform with her dance team in a charity event called the Festival of Trees so we went to support her and the event as a family. I'd never been to the festival before and I was completely blown away.

An entire expo center is filled with donated and uniquely decorated Christmas trees. Each tree has a story, some of them are in memory of a family member that passed away, some are themed with princesses, Marvel characters, the Grinch, you name it! Each tree was so fantastic and beautiful. I was so surprised at how much time and effort had to go into decorating something like that. In the video, you can see a Santa figure climbing the ladder! There were so many little details like that, showing off the creativity of those who put it all together.

The trees are then auctioned off and the money is donated to the children at Primary Children's Hospital. It's such a worthy cause and we had so much fun walking around and looking at all the incredible trees. They also had Santa available for pictures, sweet shops, and gingerbread masterpieces to look at as well. I know I'll be going back next year!

Do you have charity events like that where you live?

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