Thursday, May 17, 2018

My Non-Fierce Haircut

I went in to get a haircut, just a trim, and I'm in the chair, with the plastic cape on and the lady starts cutting. All is going well until she meets my eye in the mirror and says, "you should get a pixie cut." (The hairdresser had a short pixie cut that looked good on her, but was definitely not for me.) I smiled and declined and she held a piece of my hair up with the scissors in her other hand and said, "You'd look fierce with a pixie cut. Trust me."

I think I stopped breathing for a second because I really thought she was going to go ahead and give me a pixie cut whether I wanted to or not! Thankfully the cape disguised my arm flail while my family's reactions were flashing through my mind like a near-death experience. The gasps of "Mom, what happened?" and the headshakes of shock with the shout of "Somebody get mom a hat! Quick!" And then the vision of me standing in front of my husband with, "Welp, I was feeling fierce today so I went with it."

The hairdresser took one look at my panic-stricken face, though, and went on with the trim. I guess I'll just always be a tame shoulder-length styled not-as-fierce-as-she-could-be-with-a-pixie-cut woman. Haha!

Have you ever been a little frightened at the outcome of a hair appointment?

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