Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Book Review & Giveaway!

I was really excited to see a new book from Melanie Jacobson. I enjoy her romantic comedies and can get lost in her California settings. But Perfect Set intrigued me with the added angst of a reporter and a reporter-avoiding pro beach volleyball player being thrown together.

Bree Mercer makes a big move to California to land her journalistic dream job and wants to impress her boss enough so she can cover more than high school sports. She's a reporter with a strong sense of ethics, though, and definitely has lines she won't cross, which I really liked about her. But beyond her professional life, her roommate wants her to meet people and encourages her to attend a bonfire put on by their LDS singles ward. Bree reluctantly goes and meets Kade Townsend, someone Bree might like to get to know better---until he announces he's a pro beach volleyball player. And since Bree doesn't date athletes, well, that spark of attraction has to be hastily put out. But when she gets assigned to report on Kade, can she get the story and keep her feelings in check?

I loved the relationship between Kade and Bree and the very realistic problems they are facing. It was so complicated, and yet, the author added quite a bit of humor in as well. I thought the author did a great job of writing three-dimensional characters and giving enough emotional depth to pull the reader in and make us want to stay up late to see what happens next.

In addition to our hero and heroine, the reader also gets a well-rounded secondary cast that features characters from previous Jacobson books. I loved catching up with them and seeing where they were in their relationships. The beach volleyball world was interesting, and though I figured out what the big obstacle would be between these two early on, the tension was enough to keep me turning pages to see if it would play out like I thought it would. I was so engrossed in the story, when I reached the end I wanted more! That's when you know the author has done a good job. (But I must say, I was hoping for an epilogue! Hopefully, we'll see these characters again.)

So, if you're looking for a sweet romance with all the highs and lows---and twists and turns---on the way to winning at love, you'll really enjoy Perfect Set.

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Bree Mercer is an ambitious sports reporter who has risen through the ranks to land her dream job. Basking in the sun, sea, and seriously cute guys in her new singles ward, things couldn’t be better. That is, until she’s assigned to write a feature on the one person she can’t stand—professional beach volleyball player Kade Townsend. A typical cocky athlete, Kade’s previous attempt to woo her was foiled by Bree’s hard-and-fast rule: don’t date athletes. Ever.

Kade loathes the media, and for good reason: when his hard-partying ways were exposed by a reporter who claimed to be his friend, the scandal rocked his entire family. Now reformed, Kade has put his life back together, and he has no interest in talking to reporters—least of all, Bree Mercer. But when the pair is thrown together despite their best efforts, their chemistry is undeniable. They can’t seem to put the brakes on their feelings—until their connection threatens Bree’s reputation and Kade’s hard-won redemption. Now they must decide if there is a place for love in their plans for the future.

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Melanie Jacobson said...

Aw, thanks, Julie! I kinda think I want to tell Connor's story next. Sigh. I don't have time for new book ideas, but he keeps popping up.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I would LOVE to read Connor's story. What a great idea! I'm so glad these characters keep you busy writing so all your fans can read more awesome books! :)