Thursday, August 31, 2017

Book Review: One by One by David Bednar

In the Non-Fiction Corner
by Lauren B.

Sometimes I will get a book sent to me to review that I didn’t know is the exact book I needed to read, but it is. This week, One by One by David A. Bednar was that book for me. I believe that anyone who is going to serve in the church needs to read this book. It focuses on how to lead, serve, and love. The mission of the church isn’t programs, it is people and David A. Bednar is very straightforward as he challenges us to seek out the one.

I was so excited when I started the book because Elder Bednar was using personal examples from his life since being called as an apostle. He talked about where he has seen the Lord work in ones, and when he was called on an assignment just to meet one person. This is most prominent in the first and last chapter, and it was my favorite part of the book. It helped me see that every calling or assignment the Lord gives isn’t so we can teach a congregation or plan an activity. We are put in to these positions to meet many “ones” and increase our human orbit to impact the lives of others and in turn, be changed. I love the real world examples, the stories of people around the world who are looked out for by a loving Heavenly Father. But, He does not love a choice few more than others. He is in the details of all our lives and the every soul is great to Him.

Another thing that Elder Bednar did that made this book great was all the scriptural examples. The sheer number of examples he found from Christ’s life where the Savior worked one on one is very impressive. It helps the reader to understand that this isn’t Elder Bednar’s idea, but the Savior ministered in the very same way. To follow Him, we need to find the one.

Before I read the last chapter, I loved the book but I was not sure what to do with the information. Yes, I knew that the Lord loves one by one and that’s how we should work in the church, but what does that mean? It became clear to me as I continued reading that the Lord just wants us to realize our relationships and acquaintances aren’t by accident. He put us where we are for a reason. As we serve and help others, we will more and more find that reason. So don’t put off a prompting. Go visit that lady from your ward. Call that friend you haven’t seen in a while. Send a text message to your child. It’s the little things that help us minister one by one.

Here's the back copy:

The Lord tells us that “the worth of souls is great” in His sight (Doctrine and Covenants 18:10). But how can we know that is true? How can we gain a greater sense of the worth of every soul—including our own?

In his latest book, Elder David A. Bednar offers a compelling look at a pattern the Lord uses to bless His people: He works with us on an individual basis, one by one. Demonstrating that pattern as it occurs throughout the scriptures, in the lives of many Church leaders, and in his own ministry, Elder Bednar opens our hearts to the Lord's love for us. He teaches that by ministering as the Savior does, one by one, we can be more powerful instruments in His hands to do His work.

From a “guided tour” through scriptural illustrations to an array of touching personal accounts, this important new book offers hope and guidance for anyone who has ever wondered, “Do I matter to the Lord?”

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