Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Wedding Bouquet Saga

As most of you know, my son is getting married in a month. The photographer he has is extremely popular and couldn't do the bridal session until a few days before the wedding, but two days ago she let us know that she had an opening for this Friday. So we've been scrambling to get everything ready.

You wouldn't think you'd need a lot for bridals, but you really do! My son needed to have a suit, the bride needed shoes.

And a bouquet.

When the bridal shoot was closer to the actual wedding, we were thinking of just using her real bouquet. But now that isn't an option, so I was frantically trying to decide what to do. I called up my friend Lori, and told her I'd been watching Youtube videos on how to make a bouquet, but some things weren't making sense and could I ask her some questions. She did one better and told me to come up to her house and we'd figure it out.

So I did.

We had to go to five floral shops to find the right shade of pink roses, but we finally found them. Then I learned how to wire roses, tape roses, arrange roses, and I watched helpfully while Lori made it look beautiful with a bow.

Here is the finished product. In a vase so the flowers don't open yet. (I didn't even know that was a bad thing!)

I'm so proud of us! Doesn't it look beautiful? I can't wait to see what the bride thinks.

Have you ever done something after watching Youtube videos or had a friend help you figure it out?

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