Monday, June 26, 2017

Book Review: His Mysterious Lady

GG Vandagriff has a new regency romance out called, His Mysterious Lady, that I'm excited to tell you about!

Virginia Livingstone has lost everything in a fire at her home in colonial Virginia. She is able to be spirited into England, even though the two countries are at war. But what she finds in England and high society isn't at all what she expects. Thankfully, Viscount Anthony Strangeways rescues her more than once, and though she is attracted to him, she isn't sure of her feelings. But after a ballooning accident takes her memory, can she trust her heart?

I really enjoyed this story. There is a little of everything---quirky characters, a fun story with several mysterious twists, and a swoon-worthy hero. (There's also a scene-stealing dog for all the animal lovers out there.) The author does a wonderful job of intertwining the story with the societal strictures of the time, while still making our heroine relatable as she goes through the ups and downs on her journey to love. It was fun to see characters from previous stories and catch up with their lives, and I also enjoyed the little mystery thrown in when Virginia suffers with amnesia and doesn't know who to believe and where her loyalties truly lie. She had some hard choices to make, and it had me turning pages to see how it all turned out!

This is a sweet, romantic story, perfect for an afternoon beach read.

You can download your Kindle copy here

Here's the back copy:

It is 1813, and England is at war with America. Viscount Anthony Strangeways’ life is upended when he meets an American lady, Virginia Livingstone, His best friend who works in the Foreign Office thinks she is a spy, but Tony sees in her a rare openness and sincerity he has always wanted in a woman. Which of them is right?

After she suffers a ballooning accident Virginia loses her memory. A man she cannot remember meeting calls on her, informing her privately she is an American spy. Can she believe him? And, as an American patriot, can she really be in love with a English Viscount?

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