Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What I'm Reading Wednesday

I've been reading Daughter of Ishmael by Diane Stringam Tolley this week, and enjoying her portrayal of a scriptural family.

Hannah, daughter of Ishmael, is a young girl when we first meet her. She has several sisters and loving parents. As we come to know her and see her grow to a young woman, we see her feelings toward God mature and develop. However, she will face a difficult test when she finds out she will be required to marry one of Lehi's sons, a man who is easily led away from truth. Hannah's trials intensify when having a wavering husband magnifies her troubles and brings indecision to Hannah about what she should do as a believer, while still doing what's best for those she loves.

I thought the author did a great job at setting the stage and immersing the reader in the time period. The characters were engaging, and since it is based off of a well-known Book of Mormon story, I thought the author easily filled in the unknown with believable experiences and people. Hannah was relatable as a woman and easy to sympathize with. Daughter of Ishmael is a tale of love and greed, forgiveness and fury, with a backdrop of an ancient culture that will definitely keep the reader turning pages.

Here's the back copy:

Hannah tingled from head to foot, then shivered suddenly as she remembered that, if they indeed married Father Lehi’s sons, they would not be travelling the few miles to Father Lehi’s house and lands. Instead, the boys had proposed taking them into the wilderness. To an unknown place. An unknown fate.

When Hannah learns she will be given in marriage to a son of Lehi, she dreams of raising children in the paths of righteousness with a worthy priesthood holder. Instead, she is met with unimaginable hardship: an arduous journey, a cowardly husband, and possible infertility. Hannah had promised herself long ago that she would follow the Lord and His prophet, but when she thinks her journey is over, she is faced with an impossible choice between faith and family.

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