Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Surprising Thing That Happened At The Dentist Today

photo credit: ruei_ke Polish via photopin (license)

I had to go to the dentist today to get a filling. I generally dislike going to the dentist because I'm not a big fan of pain and I knew I would have to get needles to numb my tooth before the filling. So, I'm sitting in the chair and the nurse puts that little bib on me, and I'm a little nervous. She asks me if I'd like to lay back until the dentist comes so I can watch the TV in the ceiling, or stay sitting. I opted to stay sitting.

She left and when she came back I was surprised that she put a pillow under my head. I didn't think you could make a dentist chair comfortable at all, but it seriously was one of the best pillows I've had, (and I've never had one offered at the dentist office!) She also said there was a blanket I could use if I was cold. (And aren't dentist offices always cold? I think so.) But, honestly, that was one of the softest blankets I've ever touched. I don't know what it was made of, but I wanted to cuddle with it and take it home, I'll tell you that. (They actually gave me one. I might want to take it with me everywhere I go.)

So, now that I'm all nice and comfy IN A DENTIST CHAIR, they numb my tooth and I get my filling. It went pretty fast, really, and I was thinking we were all done, but the nurse came back with a hot washcloth infused with essential oils to put on my face. It was heavenly, like I was at a spa or something. Then, she finished out by giving me a new tube of Chapstick.

I walked away feeling amazing. (Well, as amazing as you can feel with a numb face, you know?) I've just never been pampered like that at a dentist office before and I think I like it! (Not that I would start visiting my dentist any more than I have to, but it made today a lot better.)

Does your dentist do anything like that?

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