Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Eagle Scout

I've been celebrating today because my fifth son earned his Eagle! Woohoo! Less than 4% of scouts earn that honor and I am so happy my son was motivated enough to do it.

I love the Scouting program and what it's done for my boys. I love watching them try new things as they earn badges and learn that the strength they have inside them will serve them well. 

My older boys who have earned their Eagle have been able to put that honor on their job applications and been able to shepherd other boys toward reaching that goal. They joined an elite group and it's been an accomplishment they can feel good about through their lives. I'm glad they can look back on it and be proud of themselves, because it's not easy! 

So, yay for the Scouting program! And yay for my newly minted Eagle!

Can you tell I'm a proud mom tonight? 

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