Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How I Did A Cookie Monster Baby Shower

Last Saturday I threw a Cookie Monster baby shower and it turned out so cute I thought I'd share it with you!

First, we started off with the invitations. Isn't this adorable?

I had it made from Jill's Creative Creations. You can see her website here

I also used her to make the thank you gifts. I put this adorable chocolate bar sticker around a Cookies and Creme bar to make it extra special!

I had so much fun with the decorations! I did Cookie Monster blue and gold crepe paper down the window, then after I'd fluffed out the crepe paper balls, I glued on googly eyes to make them monster-ish.

I had my local bakery make up this fun Cookie Monster cake. The toppers are a rattle and teething ring that the new mom-to-be can use!

And for fun, we had little monster cupcakes made up to add to the ambiance.

We had a cookie bar of Fudge cookies, Snickers cookies, Rolo cookies and Dipped cookies with chocolate chip as well. The little bouquet in the back is just cut out Cookie Monster wrapping paper for the image, then gluing on the mat and frame of cardstock paper on the back for color and form. I used Cookie Crisp cereal for the base inside the bouquet. 

You can see the Cookie Crisp cereal better in this shot with the Cookie Monster images on skewers for theme. This is also where I had the thank you gifts as well as index cards for guests to write their new mommy advice.

For another fun decoration, I did the crepe paper balls with googly eyes.

I did a light luncheon of Chicken Salad Croissants with vegetable and fruit salads and lemon water. I did have blue lemonade later on to go with the theme, but it isn't shown here.

(If you want a super easy Chicken Croissant recipe, this is the one I used. It was so good!)

Here's a shot of both tables.

Here's my gift table centerpiece. 

We also did homemade napkin holders. We used Cookie Monster stickers in the middle of the paper and they turned out wonderful! Click here for the napkin holder template we used.

It was such a fun shower to put together, and so easy!  

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