Thursday, March 31, 2016

What I'm Reading Wednesday On Thursday

I was so excited about meeting Alex Boyé yesterday, I had to blog about that, but I did want to tell you what I'm reading this week! I just finished with Josi Kilpack's new novella, A Lady's Favor.

Bianca's mother wants her to marry Lord Strapshire, heir to a barony, but Bianca can barely stand to be in the same room with the man. He's overbearing and self-centered, his only goal to find a pretty wife that will look good on his arm. No intelligence required, if you get my meaning.  Bianca wants to be loved and to fall in love. Her mother, however, just wants a good match and won't hear of Bianca's protestations.  Desperate, she turns to her neighbor, Mathew Hensley. She rarely talks to Mathew because of an incident in their past, but believes him to be her salvation from a loveless marriage with Strapshire. She concocts a plan, but it doesn't go as smoothly as she would have hoped. Will she ever be able to get rid of Strapshire? And is there a possibility for Bianca to let go of the past and have the future of her dreams?

I thought this was a cute romance and I really enjoyed it. As a novella, it's a fast read, yet it was satisfying. I liked that Bianca took matters into her own hands, tried different tactics, and really went after her own happiness. Still, she stayed within the bounds society had placed on her for the most part, which lent credence to the time period and character authenticity. Mathew was my favorite character, the hero who is humble and unassuming, yet has just the right combination of honor and humor to make every woman swoon. The descriptions were spot on and made the setting easily imaginable. Definitely worth staying up late for and another winner for Ms. Kilpack!

Here's the back copy:

Lord Strapshire is the most-eligible bachelor in town, and he has set his sights on the lovely Bianca Davidson. It’s too bad that Bianca finds him to be an insufferable boor. In order to deflect his attention, Bianca plans to ask Mathew Hensley to pretend to court her. The problem is, Bianca hasn’t spoken to Mr. Hensley since they were both involved in a particularly embarrassing incident years before. But he owes her a favor, and Mr. Hensley might be Bianca’s only hope.

You can buy your Kindle copy here for $3.19

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