Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Am I Watching Wednesday--Movie Review Come Unto Me

Today I'm reviewing the new short film, Come Unto Me, directed by John Lyde.  We watched it as a family and I was surprised at the range of reactions I got.

We are introduced to Samuel and Mary, two children who are on the banks of the Jordan River, where John the Baptist is baptizing people. They don't really understand what is going on, but take the chance to steal from those gathered there.  The children are on their own, struggling to survive, when they meet a woman named Mary on the road.  Mary is waiting for her son and while they wait, she invites them to share her meal.

With a mother's touch, she washes their faces and talks of her son. It was sweet, and the actress who played the little girl named Mary did a fantastic job.  Of course the son they are waiting for is Jesus. He also has some sweet interaction with the children, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was the conversation he had with his mother regarding the beginning of his mission on earth and doing his Father's will.  I imagine those sorts of conversations really did take place, and as much as Mary knew what her son was sent to earth to do, her mother's heart couldn't help but be anxious for him. Those scenes were hands down my favorite of the movie because it made them seem so real.  There is a tender storyline for the children that is wrapped up and ends the film with a sweet message and a satisfied audience.

I thought the cinematography was really well done and the storyline was just enough to bring home the message without feeling over the top.  I liked how emotional the scenes were at times and how the characters brought the story to life in a way that made them feel real and relatable. My smaller children were asking questions about who the soldiers were, why the children were on their own, and had several questions about the baptism scenes. (A great springboard for children preparing for baptism!) My older children thought Mary gave a little too much backstory to the children about Jesus's young life, but liked the actor who played the Savior.  I was happy that the movie started several discussions in our family and that it touched them in different ways.

So, if you're looking for a tender short film that can bring the spirit into your home at this Easter season, I would definitely recommend Come Unto Me. Here's the trailer for it:

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