Monday, December 8, 2014

Double Review With Lots of Bad Guys!

Today's review is of two awesome books!

First, Dennis Gaunt's Bad Guys of the Bible.  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when I picked up this book, but I loved it!  It's discussing what we can learn from the "bad guys" of the Bible like Satan, Cain, and Nimrod, and goes on to talk about bullies like Goliath and Sanballat to name just a few.  There were so many insights that can be applied to life in our day, things I'd never really thought about, that it kept me turning pages!

I also loved that Gaunt has a warm, conversational tone that really made this book stand out.  It wasn't preachy or condescending at all, it felt like he was this really smart, cool guy sharing stuff he'd been thinking about lately.  I definitely want my teenagers to read this, not only because they could learn something about how to deal with all the stuff they are bombarded with every day in our society, but also because I think some of the way the subject matter is presented will make them laugh.  It's an awesome twist to look at the bad guys for a change and what makes them tick and how to overcome whatever they dish out.  It's no wonder Mr. Gaunt is a sought after youth speaker! His personality shines through even on a printed page.

I would definitely recommend this one for teens and adults. You can purchase it here

Here's the back copy:

These bad guys are smart. You can be smarter. This entertaining book shows how knowing the enemy can help you be a righteous warrior in your own life. Any discussion of bad guys has to begin with “in the beginning.” From Genesis to Revelation, you’ll get the dirt on the dastardly deeds perpetrated by Bible characters ranging from the truly villainous to the temporarily wayward. Weaving together gospel truth and humor, Dennis Gaunt shows that you can’t have a great story without a great bad guy—and that by studying and knowing the mistakes that biblical bad guys made, we can avoid falling into similar perilous traps. This entertaining and inspiring book also wraps up each chapter with thoughtful questions that invite readers to ponder and apply in their own lives the spiritual lessons from these fascinating stories.

The second book is Rachel Nunes new one Blinded.  I've been following the Autumn Rain series from the beginning and I am so happy there's another one out! I'm not sure if this is the last one, it might be, but I hope not! If it is, though, the ending was still perfect.  Sigh.  I love a good (sort of) paranormal romance.

Autumn Rain can feel imprints from objects---emotions and scenes from previous owners.  Only this time, her gift is taken away from her right when she's in the middle of helping the police solve a case. It's devastating to her because she spent so much time trying to accept and embrace her gift and it became a part of her, only to have it snatched away.  I love the growth we see in Autumn and how much she's matured both as a person and as someone with a special gift.  I loved how sure she is of Shannon, and how they interact together now. They've come such a long way! Of course it was great to see where Jake was and Autumn's sister and father.  But the characters aside, the mystery was solid with elderly deaths, the mob twists, and all the turns.  I admit, I was a little surprised by who the killer really was! Ms. Nunes has done such a great job with Autumn.  I have truly enjoyed this series. If you haven't read it, you should! You can purchase it here

Here's the back copy:

Sometimes clear sight comes only after you’re blinded

When a rash of elderly deaths occur in Portland, Autumn Rain is called upon to use her ability to read emotions imprinted on physical objects in an attempt to track down the killer. The antiques shop owner and part-time police consultant is more than willing to go undercover to estate sales with detective Shannon Martin. After all, reselling antiques is her business, and spending time with the man she might be falling for is a plus.

But a chilling repeat imprint and a fiery near-death has Autumn rethinking everything she’s learned about her ability and what it has made her become.

Mobster Nicholas Russo is also back in town to claim the favor Autumn owes him. If she doesn’t pay, her life and those of her family will be at risk, but helping Russo might mean the deaths of other innocent people. Autumn has no choice but to find out for herself what’s really at stake before she gives him anything.

And then things really get crazy.

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