Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Word Count Wednesday And A Free Book!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up because one of my favorite authors, Heather Moore, has her historical romance, Heart of the Ocean, for FREE on Kindle today!  Here's the back copy:

A dark secret . . . a grieving ghost . . . a handsome stranger . . . What more could Eliza Robinson want? Except for maybe her life.

In Heather B. Moore's enthralling 1840s historical romance, Heart of the Ocean, Eliza Robinson has turned down the very pretentious Mr. Thomas Beesley's marriage proposal. As a business partner of Eliza's father, Thomas quickly discredits the family and brings disgrace to the Robinson name.

While her father scrambles to restore his good name in New York City, Eliza flees to the remote Puritan town of Maybrook to stay with her Aunt Maeve. Maybrook is the last existing Puritan town, having survived against centuries of outside influence. Although relieved to be away from all- things-male and unforgiving gossip columns, odd things start to happen to Eliza, and she is plagued by a ghostly voice. Her aunt's explanation? That Eliza is being haunted by a woman who died of a broken heart twenty years ago.

After Aunt Maeve is tragically killed, Eliza's life is put in danger as she tries to uncover the mystery of her aunt's death. She encounters Jonathan Porter in Maybrook, whose presence in the town seems suspicious, yet she finds herself drawn to him. When she discovers that Jonathan's dark secrets may be the link between the dead woman who haunts her and her aunt's murderer, Eliza realizes that Jonathan is the one man she should never trust.

Sound interesting? Click the title below to download your free copy!

One of my other favorite historical romance authors is Sarah Eden and her book, As You Are, is only $1.99 on Kindle.  Here's the back copy:  

A horse breeder by trade, Corbin Jonquil is more at home in the stables than in the ballroom of his sprawling estate. Corbin is the quietest of the Jonquil brothers and has always faded into the background, contentedly unnoticed. When a mysterious young widow, Mrs. Clara Bentford, moves into the neighborhood, however, Corbin quickly comes to realize that being noticed has its advantages. But how to catch the eye of the lady? According to his brothers, Corbin need only make a few simple changes to transform himself into the object of any woman’s desire—dubious advice, indeed. Following a series of misadventures, Corbin and Clara slowly lower the facades behind which they’ve been hiding, leaving Corbin shocked by the horrors that haunt the woman he’s coming to care for so ardently. When the menace of Clara’s past threatens to tear them apart and tensions mount, will the couple have the courage to fight for the promise of forever?

If this sounds like something you'd like, click the title below to download your copy!

All right, I'm excited about Word Count Wednesday today because I dusted off my novella I started last year and worked on it!  Only about 500 words, but still, it's progress! Woohoo! I'm getting excited about this one again.  I'd love to finish it before the year is over.  We'll see I guess. I need you guys to keep me accountable!

How did you do this week?


Debra Erfert said...

I've got both of these books already! And, Yay!!! on your novella word count. Way to go!

Jon Spell said...

Is the novella set in your Hartford locale or something else entirely?

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Thanks, Debra! I'm excited!

Jon, it sort of is. Nearby anyway. ;)