Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Word Count Wednesday & My Blog Tour!

Well, I am FULL of good news today.

First of all, I wrote 3426 words.  It's not a huge amount, but the impact those words made on the story is immense.  So YAY!  I am also going to do another writing sprint tonight at 8 p.m. MST so if you can come, please do!  I love sprints because it is so motivating.  Thanks to everyone who comes to those.

How did you do on your word count this week?

Second in the good news department, I got another review today from Katie's Clean Book Collection.  She loved Colby and I'm glad because I loved him, too.  If you want to read what else she said, go here.

And because of my blog tour, I'm counting this as lots of good news today because that makes for a good Julie day.  :)

If you want to see all the stops on my blog tour, (I'm excited!) here is the schedule:

July 10th
Mary’s Cup of Tea – Spotlight

July 11th
readalot – Review
StoryBook Reviews – Spotlight
Writer Mike – Spotlight

July 12th
Spellbindings – Guest Post
Sarah Aisling – Review
Deal Sharing Aunt – Spotlight

July 13th
I Read, Ergo I Write – Tens List
Reading in Twilight – Spotlight

July 14th
Mythical Books – Spotlight

July 15th
Literary Time Out – Review
My Crafty Zoo – Guest Post
Sweeping Me – Spotlight
Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Character Interview

July 16th
LDS & Lovin’ It – Review
Bookly Books – Spotlight
Hershey Wishes and Kisses – Review & Guest Post
My Devotional Thoughts – Tens List

July 17th
A Casual Reader’s Blog – Spotlight
Love. Read. Pray. – Review

July 18th


Debra Erfert said...

Don't you just love all the fantastic names of their blogs? So creative! Probably as creative as their wonderful blog reviews or author interviews. I hope your tour goes great. Colby deserves the best.

Debra Erfert said...

Oh, I don't have a word count, exactly, since I'm not in the middle of a new book. Changing POVs from 3rd person perfect to 1st isn't that quick, and can't be quantified. Good luck with your sprint!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Aw, Debra, can't you start a new book real quick so we can sprint together? :)

Kristine Nielson said...

Yeah Julie! Good for you! The blog tour looks awesome.

I have no word count to report because it's been a crazy, exhausting week. I managed to get a couple of critiques done for my writing group and that's about all the writing I've done :(

On to a new week.

Debra--are you posting on write about dragons yet?

Debra Erfert said...

No, I haven't Kristine. Have you? What name do you post under?

KaseyQ said...

Okay, I guess I’ll do this with you...but I have no idea what I’m going to write tonight! I guess we’ll see what happens! LOL!

KaseyQ said...

Anybody there? I lost track of time after I started, but I’m at 468 now.

KaseyQ said...

727? Just me? Oh, well. Glad I’m getting it done!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Kasey we're over on the sprint post. Glad to see you here!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Did we lose you Kasey? :(

KaseyQ said...

There’s a sprint post? Oh, this was the only one I saw. Hmm...

Kristine Nielson said...

Debra--I'm posting under kristine N, but my story's called "Peregrine 12/7" if you want to search for it. I haven't had success searching for people names, only titles or words in the text.

When you do post will you let me know? And will you let me know your title so I can find it easily? Or, if you figure it out how to find people and tell me that would work too.

Debra Erfert said...

From what I've read, you can't do a search for authors or for their titles. It's a gamble whose stories get posted, and who you get to critique. There isn't a consistency in that part yet, and might not be one, frankly. And...I might not post anything. I might just be a lurker, listening to the lectures, and learning without commitment. I've critiqued a couple of "chapters", but when I go to get the next chapter of that particular author, it isnt' there. Or I can't get the first chapter, only the third, and not know what comes before makes it more difficult to give a good, intelligent critique. You know?

Kristine Nielson said...

Why yes, I do know. This is a rather frustrating format. On the plus side, I suspect participation will drop off in about a month and following submissions will be much easier. I'm honestly pretty curious to see how many of the stories that get started also get finished.

You can search the titles using this link:

I realized I misspelled Peregrine (spelled it Peregrin) so my first submission is particularly challenging to find. If you don't read it, don't worry about it. If you decide to post, please let me know because I would like to read it!

Debra Erfert said...

I hate to clog up Julie's blog, but Kristine, I used the link you provided, and while it took me to the right place, your story, spelled either way, did not show up. I'm so sorry. You are probably right about the drop off in a month or so. What is your story about? The bird or traveler? Do you have a Facebook page so I can message you, or maybe an email you'd be willing to share? If so, then mine is feel free to send me a message and we won't clutter up Julie's comment line any longer. :)