Monday, August 6, 2012

Book Review: The Taming of Lady Kate

There is nothing more relaxing than reading a good book on a Sunday afternoon.  I was so surprised at how quickly I was able to read this book and how engaged I was with it.  It really was a fun afternoon read.

We meet Lady Kate Derramore who is being sent away by her uncle to have her season in London.  But the worst part of it is that he is sending her younger brother, Joey, to Eton because he's too coddled.  Kate is so worried about Joey being sent there because he struggles with stuttering and she is sure he will be ridiculed and bullied at Eton.  So she comes up with a plan.

She will go to London and find someone who will marry her in a marriage of convenience.  Her father's will states that when she marries, she will come into her inheritance and her and her husband will receive guardianship of Joey.  All she has to do is find a suitable gentleman who will go along with her plan.  Oh, and forget her love for an Italian man whom her father has forbidden her to marry.  Easy, right?

Enter the Marquis of Northbrooke, Jack, who needs to find a wife so he can have access to his own inheritance.  He falls for Lady Kate from their first meeting, but his "double life" has put him at odds with Kate since he has to break their dates and he reacts badly when an earl seems to have set his sights on her.  The plot thickens as Jack's hidden identity bleeds into the careful front he's put forward---literally, and Kate is caught in the crossfire.  With rogues, ruffians, ruined reputations, and more than a little romance, The Taming of Lady Kate is a regency that has all the best of the time period.

Here is the back copy:  (It's currently $2.99 on Kindle)

Kate Derramore and the Marquis of Northbrooke have one thing in common: In order to receive their inheritances, they must marry. Lady Kate, prevented from marrying the man she loves by her father’s will, determines to marry for convenience. With the forthrightness for which she is noted, she sets her sights on Jack—aforesaid Marquis. Jack, meanwhile, has tumbled into love with Kate at their first meeting. All might have gone swimmingly, were it not for his “other life,” the mysterious job that calls him out of town at the most inopportune moments. Unwittingly, he puts Lady Kate’s life in danger, and while attempting to rescue her comes up against her “reins-grabbing” nature. Will he ever be able to master Lady Kate? Will he ever be able to oust another man from her heart? And, despite Kate’s penchant for disaster, will he be able to save her life and his own?

If you liked The Duke's Undoing, you'll love The Taming of Lady Kate


G.G. Vandagriff said...

Great review! Thanks so much. Am glad you enjoyed it!

Jess said...

Sounds like a really awesome book!! I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing :)

Debra Erfert said...

I could do with another good Regency romance, and with GG's superb writing I know I won't be disappointed. Great review, Julie. My Kindle is going to get crowded!