Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some Good News

I know it’s Word Count Wednesday, but can I just vent a bit about last night’s America’s Got Talent? I mean, when Piers kept walking off I just thought, how unprofessional. He is getting paid quite a bit of money (a million dollars I heard!) to sit and critique people and he was acting so childishly. I know Howie annoys him, but really? I wish he could just express himself better verbally instead of having to walk away so often. *deep breath* All right, rant over. Weren’t there some talented people shown last night? I loved the impressionist who did Miley Cyrus and the Kenyan group. I’m interested to see tonight’s show, that’s for sure. Anyone else watching it?

As for my word count, I am pleased to say I got in 2500 words this week and my characters are really starting to take shape. It’s exciting for me to work on something new and I’m so glad to have a direction.

I also have some news that is pretty wonderful to me. I’ve made a summer deal with one of my older children so that I get one hour per day to write and she will take care of the children. I am almost giddy at the thought of having an entire hour to just write. As you can imagine, my writing is done in snatches of time currently and an hour seems like an eternity. A wonderful, beckoning eternity. So I’m thrilled.

How did your word count go this week?


Stephanie Black said...

I'm actually doing pretty well with my word count this past week--I know I've written at least 4000 words because I have now started bribing myself with See's chocolates, an idea I got from Melanie Jacobson. It really works for me--apparently, I'm highly motivated by chocolate. My deal with myself is 1000 words=one chocolate. I've earned 4 chocolates so far, so 4K words.

Melanie Goldmund said...

I haven't been keeping track of word counts, but back in January, I set a goal of writing something creative each day. I wobbled a bit in May when I was too sick to think, but I'm back on track now. I had an original story that I was working on, which stalled for a while, but I went back and tried again this week, and that was encouraging! If I can just get that all-important first draft finished, then I can start revising and polishing!

Jon Spell said...

1,111 words. (Just coincidence.)

Julie: just because it's "unscripted" programming doesn't mean they aren't acting according to the direction of the producers. Maybe he's supposed to act that way.

Ooh, that's interesting to know that you like See's Chocolates, Stephanie. Finally, a solution to a little thing that's been bugging me.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, if what you say is true about it possibly being scripted, somehow that makes it even more sad, unprofessional, and disappointing to me. Gah.

Melanie, I'm sorry you've been sick! I'm glad you're back on track now. It seems both you and I are after the same thing--the ever elusive finished first draft. Maybe we can support each other through this. :)

Stephanie that's such a great idea to reward yourself every 1000 words. Thanks! (Dare I ask what your new story is about? Or is it too soon?)