Monday, June 27, 2011

Moments That Make It Worth It

Being a mom is hard. There are days when I long for a quiet house, the ability to go anywhere, including the bathroom, alone, or be able to have a phone conversation without an interruption every thirty seconds.

But then there are the moments that make it all worth it. When my baby is crying and the only person he wants is me. When he snuggles his tiny little body close to mine, and curls his hand around my finger, and my heart melts. Or when my toddler gives me a sticky kiss with both hands on either side of my face and tells me she wuvs me and is glad I’m a pwincess. Or when my husband and teenagers stay up late with me, watching a silly movie, laughing until our sides hurt and I realize in that moment that they are my best friends.

Those are the moments that make it all worth it.

So today, when there are arguments about chores and piano practicing, when I’m cleaning up spilled juice, or changing horrifyingly smelly diapers, I’m going to focus on those moments to get me through and wait patiently for the next moment to come along.

Because in those moments, being a mom is wonderful. And when I look back on my life, I want to remember more of those moments than all the rest.

What’s been your best mom moment that makes it worth it to you?


Vicki said...

I would say when ever my children give me big hugs and say thanks! One specific moment was right after our Autistic daughter, Hanna's funeral, when we both were given the inspiration that we chose to have this experience with her in our lives in our pre-mortal existence, because, our Heavenly Father knew we were up to the challenge. Very humbling moment.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I love how goofy our family is together. Tickle fests, really bad jokes, making up silly rhymes, and just being together, having fun. Laughter is what brings us all together at our house. Those are my favorite mommy moments.

Charlie Moore said...

Well, I don't have any fantastic "mother" moments, Julie. But, consider this, Heavenly Father has made only one thing eternal which we take to the other side of the veil and that is our family. Cherish that thought. Ooops, had to stop and visit with my 17 month old grandson. I love those interruptions.


Debra Erfert said...

I've had two that I consider the "Best Moments Ever" in my life as a mother, and I'd dare say my husband probably would put these events on his list, too. May 21, 2010, and June 11, 2011--the days our sons were sealed for all time an eternity to their beloved brides. Everything I did, from walking the floor all through the night, to changing those smelling diapers, to reading and cuddling, to sewing merit patches on sashes, were aimed at giving them the best chance of “Happily Ever After.” Now—its up to them.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Vicki, thank you for sharing that with me. It made me all weepy.

Danyelle, I love the laughing moments, too. They're the best and always memorable.

Charlie, thanks for reminding me.

Debra, I hope I make it to that day. Someday. :)

You guys are awesome. Thanks for commenting.