Monday, January 11, 2021

I Need Another Weekend!

I saw this today and it made me smile. If it's a weather question, the answer should always be, "go inside and read." Am I right? LOL

This was a crazy busy weekend for me. Do you ever feel like you need another weekend to recover from the weekend? Haha. We had socially distant basketball games for two of our boys, we're on baby watch for my daughter-in-law to have her baby, and we're going through everyone's clothes/rooms to declutter. I honestly never realize how much stuff we have until I try to organize it. 

I started the year out reading Sarah Eden's new book, Best Laid Plans, and I'm just starting Becky Monson's romantic comedy, The Accidental Text. I love her sense of humor! Have you read any good books so far this year?

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