Wednesday, April 8, 2020

In the Non-Fiction Corner: Experiencing A Mighty Change of Heart

In the Non-Fiction Corner With Lauren

If you have ever wondered whether or not you can write an entire book on one chapter of the Book of Mormon, the answer is YES and it is absolutely marvelous. Ed Pinegar and John Welch delve into a well-known chapter, Alma 5, and teach about the 50 questions Alma asks. They separate the questions into subjects, and each subject has its own chapter, which is supplemented by other scriptures, stories, and thought-provoking quotes, some of which I had never heard. (I was just writing down and taking pictures of quotes every chapter I felt like! I wanted to keep all of these little nuggets of wisdom forever.)

As impressive and notable as the quotes were, and as much as I loved learning more about Alma’s life then I had ever put together while reading the Book of Mormon, the message of this book about making a change in ourselves is what truly made it worth every second of the time it took to read it. In the beginning, the authors talk about the meaning of having the Savior engraved upon our countenances. I loved thinking about how He isn’t water colored, scratched or typed, but He is to be a part of us, deep down. With the recent talks in conference, the book has an especially relevant chapter on personal revelation. Having the Spirit with us makes us want to repent and makes us want to have this mighty change of heart. I am crossing my fingers that Ed Pinegar and John Welch are planning on writing a book on every chapter of the Book of Mormon, I would read all of them.

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Here's the back copy:

When he preached his powerful sermon to the people of Zarahemla, Alma the Younger spoke with one vital objective: to reinvigorate the faith of a people whose belief was fading. Now, generations after Alma's exhortation, followers of Christ can be likewise galvanized by looking to Alma's words to motivate personal introspection. Is my conversion complete? Have I accepted the invitation to repent? Have I been spiritually born of God?

In Alma 5, readers are prompted to respond to fifty life-changing rhetorical questions from this single inspiring chapter of scripture. With topics ranging from repentance to conversion to personal revelation, look to Alma's greatest speech to remember all that you have known and felt, and embrace your potential to become the person God wants you to become.

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