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Hawaii Five-0 Recap & Review: Bonnie is Kidnapped

Previouslies of Danny's car accident and the as-yet-unnamed-woman's death. Also Adam leaving and saying he can't give Steve the truth, as well as his under-the table-deal with the big Yakuza guy in Tokyo saying that he'll be the Yakuza stoolie inside Five-0. Oh Adam.

We start with Adam who is driving in the forest with another guy named Endo. Endo asks if it's safe and Adam tells him it's safer than the last spot since Five-0 will be all over that other dump site. They have shovels and three dead guys in the back. Endo thinks Adam is the reason Five-0 found out about the other dump site, but Adam shuts him down and tells the little punk to keep his theories to himself or Adam will be burying four bodies instead of three. That shuts Endo up and they get to it. (I really hope Adam has a plan that will still keep him loyal to Five-0.)

Cue music.

Danny comes to the ME's office and meets the sister of the UnnamedWoman from last week. And we have a name! It was Joanna. Apparently, Joanna texted her sister from the bar when Danny took Steve's call and said she met a funny, good-looking guy. Danny guesses that's him. LOL. The sister read the police report and tells Danny it wasn't his fault and he did everything he could. It means a lot that he's there and was there when Joanna died. He's sorry, she cries and they hug. Danny goes out to the car where Steve is waiting and Steve asks him if he wants to talk about it. He says no, let's go. They leave. (I sort of thought that since Joanna gave him the last bit of the guy's license plate from the car that caused the accident, Danny might look into it. I guess not!)

Tani is oddly teaching at the Police Academy (Where she was kicked out of, LOL) and Lou's niece is there! Lou floated the idea to Captain Keo that Tani teach a class and then report back to him on Bonnie. (Isn't Bonnie living with him? Why not just ask her what he wants to know?) Bonnie and Tani chitchat for a minute before she starts the class and guess who comes to sit down by Bonnie? It's that punk Endo who was annoying Adam! And he's holding hands with Bonnie. Uh oh.

The recruits are at the shooting range with Tani and Endo is only average at shooting, but Bonnie is amazing! Surprise! Bonnie and Tani go to lunch to talk about boys. Bonnie saw Endo with a second phone and thinks he might be cheating. Even though they haven't had the Define the Relationship talk, Tani tells her to run. Or, ask him about the phone since it's early enough that she can cut bait. When Bonnie goes back to training, she sees Endo with the second phone again and since he's in a hurry, he doesn't want to talk and by the way, can't study with her tonight after all. Bonnie looks at him suspiciously as he leaves.

Adam meets Lou at Kame's for a coffee date. Lou just wants to check in since they were all worried about him. Adam says he's sorry, but Masuda's death brought back a lot of painful memories about how his dad died so he went to Toyko to reconnect with family. Lou reminds him he has family right there in Hawaii. He goes over to get the coffee and calls Steve who is searching Adam's bedroom and tells him to finish up. Danny isn't excited to be there and says Steve should just sit down and talk to Adam instead of searching his house. Steve is just plain suspicious and reminds Danny that Adam never explained what his watch was doing at the crime scene. There's something they're not seeing and he wants to keep an eye on Adam so he let him come back to the team. (Smart thinking!) They get back to HQ and Quinn tells them that HPD found three excavated pits at the Yakuza dump site, which means someone was tipped off and moved the bodies. Who do we know who had access to that information and would know about an HPD raid in advance? (Hmm....)

Bonnie is parked at Endo's house and calls him. He says he's with a friend right then and can't hang out, so she creeps up to the house to spy on him. He's there, talking to another guy about HPD shifting resources and the guy should let his dealers know. Bonnie isn't great at surveillance yet and gets caught. Not good, Bonnie.

The next morning Lou comes to the Chatting Table upset that Bonnie didn't come home last night and he can't get hold of her---her phone goes right to voicemail. She also didn't show up at the Academy either and it isn't like her. He tried all her friends and the local hospitals. Tani pipes up to say maybe she spent the night with her boyfriend. Lou had no idea she had a boyfriend. Since he's a recruit they pull him up and Adam is next to be shocked, since he recognizes EndotheAnnoying. They track Bonnie's phone, which was powered down near EndotheAnnoying's house. Tani tells them all about EndotheAnnoying's second phone and that Bonnie was worried he was cheating so Tani recommended she go talk to him. They're going to get Endo picked up while Adam heads out to the parking lot to call Kenji, who is also Endo's godfather. (Well, that answers a few questions on the annoying front.) Kenji doesn't know where Endo is and didn't know about him dating Bonnie. Adam tells him to get up to speed and if they don't get Bonnie back safely, the deal is off the table. Yep, Adam is MAD!

Lou is sitting in his office, worried, when Tani comes in. She apologizes for not telling him about the boyfriend and he apologizes for talking rudely to her. He's emotional about telling Bonnie's dad that he didn't watch out for her and now she's . . . Tani doesn't want him to think like that because they're going to find her. Danny comes in with news that Endo is also MIA and his phone is switched off, too. He has a class at 11 a.m., though, so they'll grab him if he comes in. And Bonnie's car was found by a bridge with the keys in the ignition and her purse and cell phone in it. They're going to do a forensic search.

Bonnie is tied to a chair in a little cabin when EndotheAnnoying comes in with some food and water. Bonnie is not impressed, but Endo is all, hey, after what you saw I didn't have a choice. She tells him she didn't see anything and he should just let her go. She won't tell anyone! Oh, and by the way, the cops and Five-0 are going to be looking for her. Endo gets mad and pulls a gun on her, so she dares him to do what he's got to do. He can't shoot her, though. She almost has him convinced to let her go, telling him he's just scared and in over his head, but he can trust her and they'll figure this out together. But his phone rings and it's GodfatherKenji who is mad since the cops are looking for him and everything they did to get him into HPD is ruined! Endo tells Kenji where she is and Kenji is going to take care of everything, so Endo should just go about his day. Endo says he's sorry to Bonnie and heads out. Because he's a punk. And annoying.

We find out that CSU finished up and the car is clean for blood and DNA. Oh, and Endo was intercepted on his way to the Academy. He's downstairs in the Blue Room of Doom where Steve and Lou are about to question him. Adam looks worried.

Lou is all up in Endo's face. He claims he doesn't know where Bonnie is. She called and wanted to talk, and he broke up with her. She was upset so he offered to drive her home. Just thought she needed time and he's worried about her. He asks if Lou thinks she might have hurt herself and Lou almost loses it. Endo claims he went for a run this morning and turned his phone off and he doesn't have a second phone. Steve and Lou are going to go check his story when Endo says all he cares about is Bonnie's safety. Lou grabs him and gets in his face. He is very mad. They get upstairs and Adam says the divers are going to dredge the canal because of where car was found, but it's just protocol. Lou doesn't believe anything Endo says, that he probably parked her car himself to give the impression she would hurt herself. They find out that Endo's phone was powered off the same time as Bonnie's so he lied about that. Quinn and Tani search Endo's car for the second phone, chatting about how flirty Endo and Bonnie were when Tani saw them. No indication they were on the rocks. (But Tani told her to confront Endo about the second phone and cut bait, so that has no bearing on anything really, but whatever.) They find the phone in a vent.

Adam visits Endo in the Blue Room of Doom and tells him that if anything happens to Bonnie, he's as good as dead. Endo is still acting like a punk and tells Adam not to worry about it and he's in no position to make threats. It's being taken care of. Adam can't believe Endo told Kenji and wants to know where Bonnie is right then. Endo taunts him with what happens if I don't tell? Are you going to tell your friends how we know each other? How will that work out for you? Poor Adam. Bonnie is still in the cabin trying to get free. Tani is at the Chatting Table showing Steve and Lou the secret burner phone contacts who are all Yakuza guys. They go back down to talk to Endo, but he's gone.

Bonnie spots a metal part of a table leg sticking out and uses it to get free of her bonds. She runs out the front door, but Kenji's men are there pointing guns at her. (Always go out the back! And sneak out!) But never fear. Adam has a plan! He calls Kenji and says he's got Endo in the trunk and he's taking him to a nice secluded spot in the jungle where he can dig a hole, put a bullet in his head and bury him. Very efficient! Kenji isn't on board and says Adam would pay with his life if he does that. But Adam isn't afraid and will exchange Endo for Bonnie. If he doesn't then his godson's blood will be on his hands. He hangs up and we see Kenji's goons marching Bonnie through the jungle to a nice secluded spot. They push her to the ground and point their guns at her. She raises her bound hands to her chest like she's praying when one of the goon's phones go off. There's been a change of plans. (The ringtone was I Wanna Sex You Up from Color Me Badd which was funny.)

Steve and the gang are watching the security footage of Adam taking Kenji and putting him in the trunk. They seem flabbergasted and no one can explain why he would do this. Steve thinks he's involved, working for the Yakuza. He's about to call Adam, when Adam calls Lou. He says he's going to get Bonnie back, but he has to give them Endo. Lou is still mad, this is his niece's life and they weren't looped in on the plan! Adam patiently goes over how hostage-taking works (like Lou and his family haven't been kidnapped before!) and that they'll just work with him and will kill Bonnie if they think Five-0 is involved. He's going to text where to meet him and he'll get her back safely. Lou ungratefully says he better. When Lou is in the car with Steve, he's stone-faced and still upset. Steve reassures him that he had his doubts about Adam, but his gut is saying he'll deliver. Lou says if Adam is mixed up in any of this or Bonnie is hurt he ain't coming out of the woods. Yikes. (Does this mean he's kicked out of the "Hawaii family" now?) At the exchange point, Adam has Endo and the goons have Bonnie. The prisoners walk to the middle and give each other a look before they pass. Lou and Steve get there and are looking around for Bonnie. (It reminded me of when they got to Cath's exchange point and were looking for her!) They finally see her coming out of the jungle and Lou rushes over to hug her. He tells her that next time she has a boyfriend, tell him so he can check him out and see if he's good enough. I love yous are exchanged and then Adam comes out of the jungle, too, and Steve gives him a nod. (Another successful hostage situation for the task force!)

Back at McG's house Steve is making eggs and giving them to Eddie. Danny comes in from a run. Apparently he was late so Steve gave his breakfast to the dog. They talk about how Duke said Endo hacked into the HPD central database so he could be the reason the Yakuza was up on Five-0 knowing about that burial ground. Danny asks if Steve still thinks Adam is still working with Yakuza, but he doesn't answer. He decides to cook Danny more eggs, a little burnt, like he likes them. The contractor said things are going good at Danny's house and he'll be out of Steve's space soon. Steve offers to let him stay as long as he wants. Danny says he'll stay and hang out with Eddie so he's not so lonely. They argue about the eggs and Steve tells him you get what you get and you don't get upset. And no, he can't have any bacon, it's not a bacon day. (Really, every day should be a bacon day!)

I liked the episode overall. There were some nice moments and Adam's story is obviously being fleshed out. I think that the hostage storyline has been a bit overdone on this show with the task force and their family and friends. What did you think? Did you watch?

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