Wednesday, November 1, 2017

If You Love A Sweet Family Christmas, You've Gotta Get This Book! (And A Giveaway!)

As the mother of eight children, I'm always looking for ways to make our Christmas season more memorable as a family. To give them experiences instead of things that might be broken or forgotten before New Year's Day. I've tried a lot of different ideas over the years, but this book has really given me something I'm excited to try!

The author starts out by telling us how she loves advent calendars and used to do one with her kids that had a little gift to go along with it, but pretty soon the gift was opened, all but immediately forgotten and the spirit she was going for just wasn't happening. She asked one of her kids what gift they would want if they could have anything and they said they just wanted more time with her. So, she started doing a more experience-based advent to make more a meaningful and memorable Christ-centered tradition for the family and shared that in the book. I loved it!

Each "countdown" idea chapter has a recipe (easy ones, just how I like it), a song, a story (some of them are tear-jerkers! All of them sweet), a quote, suggested Christmas reading book ideas, a journal prompt (which I loved, because I love journals), and several craft ideas including some for those of us who want a one hour craft, or a five minute thought with a store-bought item to go along with it. (Since I want to do crafts, but am not very good at them, I liked that I had an option to do the activity with a store bought item).

That was another thing I really loved about this book was that it was totally customizable for every family situation--large or small families and all different age groups. It was nice that the "countdown activities" were presented in such a way that I can spend five minutes on it or an hour and a half, depending on my family's schedule and attention span. Perfect for people like me who have a large family with lots of different needs.

It is also a beautiful hardback book with music in the back and one that I think will become a treasured and loved book in our home.

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Here's the back copy:

Draw closer to the Savior as you set aside a few minutes each day to celebrate the season with your family using this inspiring, fun-filled countdown to Christmas as your guide. From Christmas songs to holiday stories to activities for old and young alike, this compilation of Christ-centered ideas is designed with one goal in mind: to bring families closer together and closer to Christ this holiday season. Whether you're taking a quick moment to connect or are engaging in a longer opportunity to create memories, the stories, recipes, activities, and music on these pages are just the beginning of faith-affirming togetherness for families of all ages and stages during the Christmas season.

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