Monday, October 23, 2017

Movie Review: Carthage

Carthage is a film about the events surrounding Joseph Smith and the men who were imprisoned in Carthage jail with him. It's based on statements, journals, and documents from those who were there and lived it and offers several different perspectives on what happened during that time period.

The martyrdom at Carthage is such a tender topic for those of the LDS faith. However, this film doesn't dwell on the violent end, but on the somewhat hopeful days before that. The movie puts a more in depth face on the events leading up to the martyrdom, including what happened with the jailer and his son, and a conversation with the governor about the charges against them. But what will draw audiences the most are the tender moments between Joseph and his brother as well as Joseph and Dan Jones. The casting for Dan Jones was especially good and the audience can feel the faith and care for the prophet emanating from him as he passes through events that will long be remembered.

The entire movie takes place in the room where Joseph and the others were imprisoned, so there isn't a lot of action, but a lot of conversation. This was hard for my younger children, whose interest waned about halfway through. For myself, my husband, and my older children, however, it was riveting. I also imagine that this setting limitation would make it difficult to film, but the actors really shone as they portrayed the men who would soon face death and how they dealt with that possibility. The hope, the testimony, the fear, and the worry was so palpable. Carthage adds so much more perspective to the narrative on what happened to Joseph Smith that day.

I think this movie showcases the emotions and moments that shaped every man in that room---both the legacy of those who died and the lifelong mission of those who survived. And it's a film you'll be thinking about long after the credits roll.

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Here's the back copy:

While seething mobs converged around them, the Prophet Joseph and his brethren quietly submitted themselves to imprisonment in Carthage Jail. Now, as never before, audiences are invited to witness the events of the days preceding the martyrdom. Based on documents handed down through the generations, Carthage offers a glimpse into the turmoil and testimony of the men whose place in history was forever defined by what was to come—a jailer seeking to protect his charges, a governor caught between the persecuted and their persecutors, and a group of Saints whose faith and brotherhood stands as the ultimate witness of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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