Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What I'm Reading Wednesday--O'er the River Liffey

I have been reading O'er the River Liffey by Heidi Ashworth, and am really enjoying this charming historical romance. It is an installment of the Power of the Matchmaker series and I have to say I have enjoyed every book in the series!

In this story, we meet Caroline Fulton who is on her way to a house party with her father and best friend Fiona in tow. The baron who is throwing the party is wanting to marry again and Caroline's father wants her to have a title. Once Caroline gets to the baron's home, however, she realizes they will not suit. The baron does have a tutor for his younger brothers named Niall Doherty and he catches Caroline's eye, but her father would never approve. Niall is impoverished, but has a talent for telling stories that enthrall his audience. He is drawn to Miss Fulton, but knowing he could never rise to her station, he smothers his growing feelings. Will they both pass up the chance for true love?

I have really enjoyed this romance so far! The author does a great job of transporting the reader back to the time period and also showcasing the tensions between English and Irish society. The Irish stories that Niall tells add another perspective to the romance that has really kept me turning pages. I love the witty encounters between Niall and Caroline and I can't wait to see how it all turns out! I know I will be up late reading tonight to make sure we get our happy ending. I'll let you know what I think!

Here's the back copy:

Irish heiress Caroline Fulton knows this house party, ostensibly celebrating the victory of Waterloo, is really an audition: will she make a suitable wife? Her host, an English lord, has already won over her father, who’s determined to buy a title with Caroline’s dowry. She is far from taken with the baron, however, especially once she meets Niall Doherty, the impoverished, perceptive tutor to her host’s younger brothers. He shares her love of Irish fairy tales and seems to guard a troubled past…but neither quality will earn Caroline’s father’s approval.

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