Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Win My Book! And A Mini-Castle Recap

I got a great review of The Captive from Kindle and Me! Here's part of what they said:
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I watched Castle last night, but after finding out that Stana Katic and Tamala Jones won't be coming back next season, it just took the shine off for me. I hate that the show is ending on a very sad note when it didn't have to be that way.

It started off with a guy named Alan on hold waiting for his cable company to pick up. While he's waiting he takes some pills and gets poisoned by the water.  Cut to the loft where Castle is creepily watching Beckett sleep and tells her he takes pictures of her while she's sleeping. Um. Not cute at all. They talk about leaving it all behind, but Beckett's phone rings and she reminds him they have responsibilities.

They head to the crime scene where Lanie is giving them the run down on the victim, when suddenly he's behind them asking why everyone is in his apartment. They take him to the hospital and Lanie is flabbergasted that she declared someone dead and was going to stick a thermometer in his liver when he was still alive. Castle is in the guy's room telling him he has super powers and should take advantage of his second lease on life.The team starts digging into who hates Alan because he's a safety inspector. They investigate his partner who was taking bribes, but he had an alibi.

Alan is accompanied back to his apartment by Castle and an officer. Castle is hounding the man about living life to the fullest and the guy just wants Castle to stop. As soon as he closes the door, though, Alan lays down on his bed and is electrocuted. Lanie says he's really dead this time, but Alan pops back up again! Castle really thinks he's a superhero and they are thinking of names for him, (Captain Cool?) but nothing good comes to mind. They think of a company that could have a grudge against Alan because they had a spill and begged Alan not to fine them, but he did anyway. The president of that company also has an alibi, but Alan is infatuated with Gwen from marketing and Castle finds out she thinks he's funny. The president guy says that he saw someone waiting for Alan in the parking lot and security footage help them track him down. It's the guy who played Bud in JAG! I miss that show. He tells them about a mob front who probably wanted to get rid of Alan.

Castle takes Alan back to his loft and is still beating the dead horse that Alan is a superhero. He convinces him to call Gwen and he gets a date with her in thirty minutes. The date goes awkwardly with Alan yammering on to Gwen that he's a superhero. The boys call Castle to tell him not to leave the loft because of the mob guy after Alan. They send a picture and lo and behold the mob guy comes to sit down next to Alan. Castle rushes over to the table. (He does get called Alan's sidekick and looked so affronted it was funny.) The mob guy doesn't want to kill him, he wants to offer Alan protection in exchange for looking the other way on inspections. Alan says no and Gwen has had enough and leaves.

Castle remembers the little case that the mob guy had at the table full of ginkgo tablets and Castle and Alan go in undercover as safety inspectors to the little Chinese herb store (also a Triad front) that sells them. The team confiscates a couple of suitcases full of synthetic heroin and realize that the company with the lab spill is the one trying to kill Alan. (One of the ingredients of synthetic heroin were being produced at that lab.) Alan goes there alone to save Gwen, but she's the mastermind and shoots him in the head. The team rushes in and they think he's really dead this time, but he pops up again. Like daisies! (Name that movie) Lanie and Alan actually bond over his not so near-death experiences. Maybe Alan really is a superhero. It certainly takes a lot to kill the guy!

They also had some forward movement in the LokSat storyline. Vikram finally gets evidence that Caleb Brown is involved with LokSat. They start investigating his alias and he comes to the precinct to tell Beckett to back off and threatens her. She tells him she knows he used to fight for what was right and was a good guy. She gives him a deadline to come to her by tomorrow night with all his LokSat info. He ends up doing that and giving her a phone with his LokSat instructions. Beckett is that much closer to figuring out the LokSat mess. She also mentions to Castle that maybe they should just get away. Too bad we all know that won't happen now.

It just makes me a little sad to watch it now. I don't want them to kill Beckett off, or give her some other ridiculous excuse for leaving Castle. Sigh. It's not looking good, though.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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