Monday, June 8, 2015

Remembering A Hero

Today would have been my nephew, Tyler's, 16th birthday, but he died last year.

Tyler was the kid who was good at everything he tried---an accomplished pianist, a talented sports star, and an excellent student. But the thing that distinguished him most of all was his kind and generous spirit that made him sensitive to the feelings of those around him. He loved deeply and fought his brain cancer with an iron will to the very end.  A goodbye that came too soon.

His motto was Whatever It Takes and he lived that. His diagnosis with DIPG didn't beat him down because Tyler used his illness for good to lift others up.  Even on the day when he'd been told his tumor had grown, instead of getting down about it or thinking about himself, he went and visited one of his friends in the hospital, hoping to cheer up his friend.  He was an amazing young man.

Tyler and his family were trying to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research. A very small percentage of funding goes to pediatric research, and that is something that should change.  If you want to help, you can go online to and find Tyler's name under the heroes section and donate $1-$16. We are going to keep fighting this disease in Tyler's memory and every little bit helps.

You can also go here to Admonish Clothing and look over their inspirational clothing lines. Tyler had a hand in creating some of the designs and they are great reminders for us all.

Today as I've remembered Tyler, I thought about how it's nice to know that his legacy lives on in those he loved best and how that keeps him alive in people's hearts.

So, Happy Birthday sweet Tyler! You and your family are loved and thought of often. What an example you are to everyone and what a difference you've made.

Whatever It Takes. Always.


Debra Erfert said...

I had followed Tyler's progress, and I was very sad when he passed. I didn't connect it then that he was your nephew, Julie. I'm sorry.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

He was an amazing person, for sure. Thanks, Debra.