Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Writer Goal Wednesday

photo credit: plnaugle via photopin cc 

Whew, what a crazy busy week this has been, but I got a lot done.  Let's take a look at how I did on my writing and marketing goals this week.

Goals I accomplished this week:

  • I worked hard and the shiny new Through Love's Trials is now available both in print and in ebook.  (The new cover is coming next week and I can't wait to show it to you!)  I updated the first chapter of it on my blog and my author website, too.
  • I checked on my copyrights to make sure they were up to date.  
  • I got my author newsletter out.  (If you missed it, be sure to sign up in the side bar!)
  • The first phase of my audio book for All Fall Down was approved and it's going on to the next stage.

All right, and here is my post of specific goals that I want to reach in the next seven days.

Goals I have for next week:

  • Give my new novella to my critique group by tomorrow. (Or, in other words STOP TWEAKING it and just give it to them.  Haha. I could edit forever I think.)
  • Update my author website.
  • Start on the update for On the Edge.
  • Work on cover concepts for the new novella.

How did you do on your goals this week?  Make some great progress? Remember we're just doing babysteps, a thing or two each day to bring us closer to our ultimate goals.


Debra Erfert said...

I'm glad you've reached your goals. They sound very worthy, and in a (small) way, I'm envious. I'd like to be writing again, but until we're done with "that house", it seems like it's more of an anchor around our necks and treading water is taking all of our energy. I keep repeating "March 6th" as a way to keep hope alive. That's the closing. Then we'll cut that anchor and be free! I will be able to write, and paint, and plant trees in our yard--and best of all, make obtainable goals.

Jon Spell said...

I've managed to get back on track in reading through my manuscript, making little edits. Soon I can start creating new chapters! And maybe finish!

Good luck, Debra! Since my wife does/has done Real Estate, I know how that approaching-closing craziness goes. Will they or won't they? =)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, selling a house can take up a lot of energy. Hang in there!

Jon, that is great news! I'm so excited for you!