Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Crazy Thing I Did & Book Review In God Is Our Trust

So, remember yesterday when I was saying how good I felt with the paper purging? (And when I found another $20 this morning I felt even better). Well, last night, I was on Facebook talking about it and this other author chimed in and said she had a bunch of filing/paperwork she needed to go through by Thursday, and she challenged me to get my last corner of my room AND my closet done by Thursday. If I do it, I will reeceive a free copy of each of her five books.

And I agreed. (And if she finishes her goals, I'll give her free copies of some of my books.)

I know, I know, it might kill my good feelings to rush through this, but I'm halfway through the corner already. It's the closet that's going to kill me. (And I took before pics this time so you can see what I'm talking about when I post them.) So, if you come by the house and find me mumbling to myself with a stack of paper in my hand, you'll know I've finally lost it, all for the love of books. Just FYI.

Today I want to tell you about In God Is Our Trust, the final volume of the Free Men and Dreamers series by L.C. Lewis. Truth be told, I've only read the last two books in the series and I really want to go back and start at the beginning, just so I can get the layers and nuances of this post-Revolutionary war epic.

The series deals with the years after the Revolutionary War, but the fourth book begins with one of the main characters in a prisoner hold of a ship and he is who really caught my attention. The struggles of the Pearson family, both physically and emotionally, really tie these books together. The author seamlessly weaves in the history, so I feel like I'm being swept away in the time period and left breathless by the courage of those who lived through the events. My only complaint, and it's a small one, is that flipping back and forth between England and the Americas jolted me sometimes and I'd have to stop and readjust my thinking as to which family was which. But it's a small thing when you have such a sweeping drama before your eyes. The research is impeccable and I know I will never look at the Revolutionary war in quite the same way again.

This is a book that is well worth your time. Here is the back copy:

And this be our motto 'In God is our trust.'

America exits the War of 1812 battered but determined under the leadership of the last men tutored by the Founding Fathers. As she is welcomed onto the world stage, new leaders prepare to thrust an aggressive platform on the nation, threatening America's unity and her brief period of prosperity and peace.

The country's trials have prepared a choice generation, but as adversity afflicts the Pearson home, Hannah enters a crisis of faith, questioning man's interpretation of God's word. The struggles plaguing the Pearsons affect Frannie and the six families with whom the Pearsons have become entangled during the war. As a new religious reformation dawns in America, the Pearsons and Snowdens become involved with a young man from Hannah's past, Joseph Smith, whose accounts of visions and dealings with angels strain tender relationships and test the Constitution's guarantees of religious liberty.


Debra Erfert said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you don't go crazy getting your papers cleared out before Thursday and you win your books.

As I was reading your reviewed book's back copy I was intrigued by the whole historical aspect of it, of course. I always get caught up in history. Then Joseph Smith's name is slipped into the sentence and suddenly I'm thinking outside the usual historical novel, and I'm even more interested in the story.

Thank you for giving us a peek into In God Is Our Trust. I'll be going over to Amazon and see if the series is offered on e-books. I guess I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I think you would like this author. The history is so interesting and the story really rivets you. All so seamlessly woven together. Let me know what you think of it if you get it.