Monday, September 5, 2011

Mr. Gompers' Labor Day Quote

· I was looking up the history of Labor day and why we celebrate it, and I came across this quote by the head of the American Federation of Labor named Samuel Gompers. (Isn't that a great name?)

In 1898, he said that Labor Day is "the day for which the toilers in past centuries looked forward, when their rights and their wrongs would be discussed...that the workers of our day may not only lay down their tools of labor for a holiday, but upon which they may touch shoulders in marching phalanx and feel the stronger for it."

Isn’t that beautiful? I thought it was quite poetic actually. For me, Labor Day means a wonderful day spent with my family and one last hurrah for the summer season. So, in other words, a family party! Woohoo!

(I don't know if that's what Mr. Gompers had in mind exactly, but I think maybe I'll fit our celebration in with how he saw it by laying down my tools of labor and touching shoulders with my loved ones and feeling stronger for it. Or maybe we could discuss our rights and wrongs. I'm sure the kids wouldn't mind that since we've had a lot of discussion about bedtimes lately and how old you have to be to stay up. Not to mention how horrible it is to have assigned chores when NO ONE ELSE does anywhere in the entire world. Yep, the meanest parents in the world live at our house apparently.)

(Actually, come to think of it, maybe I won't mention Mr. Gomper's quote.)

Anyway, I am very grateful to have a job that I love, a family I adore, and to live in a country where innovation is still rewarded, and where we can still feel protected because of the inalienable rights that we have been given. And no matter what you are doing today, I hope you are spending it just how you want to.

Happy Labor Day!


Crystal said...

Happy Labour Day!! Ha ha ha - OK, I was just like your kids with the whole bedtime thing, so that kinda made me smile. Enjoy your family time!

Man of la Book said...

I always found it amusing that we don't work on Labor Day :)

Melanie Goldmund said...

My eyes like to trick me lately and make me read the wrong words, so I saw the quote as "the day for which the toilets in past centuries ..." and I thought, "WHAT kind of labor are we talking about here?"

No offense, but I needed a good laugh after some of the things that happened to-day, which was not Labor Day here in Germany (that's on the first of May) but which seems to be Tear Your Hair Day instead.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Crystal, isn't bedtime the best time of the day sometimes? haha

Man, I think that's funny, too!

Melanie. that IS funny. Toilets. Haha! I'm glad I was able to make you smile. I am very familiar with Tear Your Hair Day and on that day? We definitely need a laugh. :)

Janice said...

Maybe it will comfort your kids to know that my kids have to do chores too. I even make them practice math facts when they are off track (we're on a year round schedule so we don't have summer off)
My mom always says that mean moms make good kids. So when my kids tell me I'm mean, I figure I'm doing something right.

Jacqui said...

Well said, Julie. My son came to visit from Georgia and had to fly home today, so our celebrations are over. I'm glad you're having a great time. Hello to a fellow Campaigner!

J.L. Campbell said...

I'm sure you'll be enjoying your holiday. I get a lot of argument from my 10 y/o about the right to stay up past his bedtime, as well as the fact that I might be into child labout. :)

Stopping over from the romantic suspense group in the Campaign.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Janice, I'll have to let them know that they aren't alone in the world. :)

Jacqui and J.L. so great to meet you!