Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review: The Homecoming by Dan Walsh

Well, last night’s fireworks had only two unexpected happenings--it rained on us (I’ve never had to look up to see fireworks and get hit with raindrops before) and there was only a small fire on the hillside that was put out quickly. Not quite as exciting as years past, but the fireworks show was second to none. We really enjoyed ourselves!

I have been reading a book called The Homecoming by Dan Walsh. I’ve never read anything by this author before and only found out today that this book is a sequel. It definitely can be a stand alone since I haven’t been confused during the storyline at all.

It’s such an unassuming little book, I didn’t expect to feel so strongly about it. I’ve been slowly reading a chapter a night for a while now and it’s like a little web of intrigue wound its way around my heart with each chapter. The characters are full of depth and emotion and I honestly can’t say I’ve read such a heartwarming book such as this before.

The story begins in the middle of World War II, with a man being called home from the war because his wife has died and he must now take care of his young son. He’s just been through a harrowing experience in the war, nearly captured by Germans, and barely escaping with his life. As he returns home, he is asked to help on a USO tour to encourage people to buy war bonds.

This really isn't the kind of book that I am normally drawn to, but it is so introspective, so real, and full of pain and hope, that it is a story that drew me back to it again and again. There is a level of tension that seems to resonate in the characters and carries on to the reader that has intrigued me from the start and never went away. I definitely want to read the other book in the series.

If you like romantic historical fiction, and a slow, sweet read that will make you smile, this is definitely a book I think you’ll enjoy.

Here is the back copy:

No sooner is Shawn Collins home from the fighting in Europe than he's called upon to serve his country as a war hero on a USO bond tour. Others might jump at the chance to travel all around the country with attractive Hollywood starlets. But not Shawn. He just wants to stay home with his son Patrick, his aging father and to grieve the loss of his wife in private. When Shawn asks Katherine Townsend, Patrick's former social worker, to be Patrick's nanny while he's on the road, he has no idea how this decision will impact his life. Could it be the key to his future happiness and the mending of his heart? Or will the war once again threaten his chances for a new start?


Debra Erfert said...

The story sounds intriguing. Love the simple names. I didn't have to sound any of them out. :) I was a little confused about the main character being called home from the war because his wife was killed. The back cover didn't reflect that tidbit.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Sorry, Debra, I hope I didn't spoil it for you by saying that. There is some excitement in his being called home, but I won't tell you exactly what. :)

What are you reading these days? Anything good?

Debra Erfert said...

Just finished "Captive Hearts." Loved it! Just started "If I Should Die," Jennie's book, but I'm also reading another book by Kay Hooper called "Whisper of Evil," a mainstream paranormal suspense novel at the same time. Oh, and I'm reading/critiquing a YA manuscript where I'm discovering a whole new world with unique inhabitants.

Book Reviews said...

Nice review. I've actually just finished reading the prequel to this story; "The Unfinished Gift". Wow, it really astounded me, as it too was my first reading of Dan Walsh. I'll definitely be looking for The Homecoming asap.

~ Rory